I propose:

  • A reduction of TD’s to 120. (65 quota).
  • Presidential election to be reduced to 5 years and only two consecutive terms allowed.
  • Presidential Candidates to be allowed be nominated by 50,000 signatures.
  • All Irish passport holders should be allowed vote in presidential elections, Dáil elections, and European elections
  • Abolition of the Seanad Éireann only after an elected advisory group set up from TD’s to meet as needed made up of varied experiences from all parties. (Like the council of State).
  • Major reform of local councils with counsellors having more responsibility and accountability for local areas.
  • The voting rights of European citizens resident in Ireland should also extend to Dáil elections.
  • European citizens should also be able to stand for election in the Dáil.
  • Equality for women should be written into the constitution.
  • The Constitution should redefine what’s meant by family taking into account the many different types of Families in Ireland in 2013.

The Constitution -Submisions

The Constitution (Bhunreacht_na_hEireann)