470 Houses represents 5.7% of Houses needed

At todays SDCC meeting i raised the following concerns

My concern is In relation to Objective 1 under Housing, Social & Community Development that aims to Put in place a three year programme to supply social housing in the context of the Social Housing Strategy 2020 , as of 29/02/2016 there were 9,254 applications on South County Dublin council’s housing waiting list and 291 people in South County Dublin were registered as homeless – 5,228 applications of this list are for the Clondalkin – Lucan area with 7,279 of these children, – people are living in Hotels , Hostels, B & Bs , Emergency accommodation , rough sleeping , Overcrowding , damp and unsuitable accommodation and SDCC plan to build just over 5% of what’s needed 470 Houses as per headed item 17! Daily people contact in desperation and the replies are less than adequate and slow in nature. CBL had no houses last week 2 the week before and one the week before that, in my opinion there is not the sense of urgency in relation to this crisis. I don’t believe SDCC is dealing with this issue with the urgency it demands. Of the 280 proposed units 105 will be Rapid Build Units and will be distributed over a number of the projects I understood that the rapid builds would be extra housing to meet demands? I visited the rapid houses in Popintree and was impressed with space and quality but still question value for money at €191.000 per house. I also would like to know the reasons why only 22% with a possible further 3% of Nama properties offered have been accepted? I also want to highlight the need for step down accommodation from 3 and 4 beds to free up much need housing stock. Again I repeat as an elected counsellor that I don’t believe SDCC is dealing with this issue with the urgency it demands.