Cllr Timmons says ‘’I attended a packed meeting in City west to discuss safety in the Rathcoole area that covers Newcastle and Saggart and it was apparent to me that there is a greater need to see visible Garda presence on the ground I am asking all concerned resident to please sign a petition I have started to increase Garda Manpower at Rathcoole Garda Station , The petition will be sent to the District Garda Superintendent and the Minister for Justice, The areas of Rathcoole  Newcastle and Saggart have seen huge increases in population over the last few years and people need and want to feel safe in their homes and communities , I also want to acknowledge the work the Guards do in our communities but I strongly feel they are under resourced in Manpower to fight the growing crime and in particular drug related crimes in our communities’’

Cllr Timmons says “Rathcoole and Newcastle are two of the biggest growing areas in the whole of South Dublin. There’s new houses, new businesses and developments but with that comes additional crime and additional anti-social behaviour. What they (the residents) want is Garda on the beat. They want a situation that when you ring a guard, a guard will arrive.”

Cllr Timmons says ‘’At the meeting residents were urged to ring 999 to report crimes and to report all crime so the correct stats would be available when looking for additional resources’’

The petition is at  @