Dear Editor


I am unsurprised that a large percentage of the Republic would vote for a United Ireland while its way more uncertain in Northern Ireland what way a vote would go! where we do more agree North, and South is most do not want to pay extra tax to pay for a United Ireland!


As a Republican I Live for the day of a United Ireland! But it has to be United based on a Majority, on Respect and on Trust! We cannot allow a return to violence on the Streets! Many things need to be done to build up trust and respect i.e. greater cross border co-operation, A Roadmap for change, much more cross border health and education, a budget cost and plan to how we afford it! An open and Honest national and cross political divides debate, the full implementation of the Good Friday agreement,


Most importantly is the need to compromise and be open minded! For many this will be a challenge – are we willing to sacrifice Our Flag?, Our National Anthem? , Our Countries Name? The Dail? Names like Tánaiste and Taoiseach? Etc in the United Ireland Cause?

Today 100 years ago Northern Ireland was divided from the Republic of Ireland, in all the years of the Troubles Lives were lost on both sides as atrocities led to so many deaths! Can we Forgive and Live side by side? Can we heal old wounds and so much hate!


To me it’s very Important that a United Ireland ensures that all the Children of the nation are at last Equal! That we deal with housing! that we deal with health! That we deal with Mental Health! That we deal with disability! Etc and that we build a United Ireland of opportunities for everyone! That we don’t miss out on opportunity to do things better for everyone!


The Debate is starting, we need to be kind in our debate, in our words and progressive in our thoughts and deeds!


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West