Dear Editor

Ireland’s reception system for asylum seekers is known as Direct Provision.  Under the Direct Provision system, people are accommodated across the country in communal institutional centres or former hotel style settings. The vast majority of the centres are managed on a for-profit basis by private contractors. There are many reasons to end the system there is one.

Direct Provision is intended to provide for the basic needs of people who are awaiting decisions on their applications for international protection. The system was designed as a short-term measure in the year 2000, just years after we shut institutions that wronged woman and children for Generations in Ireland, but many applicants in Direct Provision experience lengthy stays, which is associated with declining physical and mental health, self-esteem, and skills.  This system is wrong on so many levels and creates barriers to integration, contributes to poor mental and physical health and leads to social exclusion. I believe This system has contributed to a rise in racism, we are all Equal and should be treated the same. We are all entitled to the same chances and opportunities in life.

Today, there are more than 7,000 people living in Direct Provision centres across Ireland. I have been advocating for the establishment of an alternative reception system that is based on human rights principles and the best interests of the child. Our Proclamation says we cherish all the children of the Nation equally we don’t We cherish some but others are excluded and our treated differently – The 17 Motions I put down at South Dublin County Council Since 2014 for an end and to condemn the system known as direct provision and create a Human Rights based system have been supported by those of all parties and none,  Here in Clondalkin we have a Direct Provision centre I have met many people there and some have become friends , they are Irish, We are overall a very decent and compassionate people who welcome those who seek refuge from lack of freedom to be themselves members of the LGBT community , those seeking political asylum , those escaping fear of death and fear of poverty – We understand, We are open and decent society We want all of the children of the Nation to be cherished equally, After 21 years this year the Direct Provision system must be abolished and this should happen with full consultation with all in Direct Provision.


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West