I read the interim report and Listened to the Minister with some sadness and anger that no other Survivors would be included in the commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes. It is a slap in the face for people like me and others who have campaigned on this issue. It is a slap in the face for all those who wrongly suffered and for all Survivors who died without seeing Truth and Justice. Survivors have to live every day with the memories and you don’t get your childhood back.

An apology that states ”these woman did nothing wrong” is the lease this state owes thousands of people who have to live with the ongoing effects and trauma of forced separation or forced adoptions etc. Theses where not homes but prisons where Malnutrition was rampant and some people endured Physical , Emotional and sexual abuse. I demand that this state apologise.

Redress for anyone effected is again a must , any redress that could help someone improve there life or/and deal with the pain must happen.

Full inclusion of everyone that was effected so a full social history of a very dark part in Irelands History is recorded and acknowledged.

A state memorial garden to the thousands that lived life’s dictated by a unforgiving church abetted and aided by a state that colluded to interfere in the state care of children and the judgement of un married mothers for generations.

Minister Zappone needs to Listen and she needs as Minister for Children to ensure that every survivor gets Truth and Justice.

These Woman did nothing wrong – Mary Timmons my mother did nothing wrong.