As someone that has worked and supported people in various care settings for nearly 25 years, I felt Horror and disgust as I watched Prime time as once again the Prime time team showed us another example of neglect and miss treatment of vulnerable people in Irish society, this time intellectual disability in Aras Attracta. It is clear that while welcome that HIQA is failing to protect the most vulnerable in our society, we need CCTV , unannounced and undercover investigations into all services working with vulnerable people. It is also clear to me that criminal proceeding must be brought against those that engage in such degrading, disrespectful and abusive behaviour towards vulnerable people. It is very clear that the government has and continues to fail our most vulnerable in Ireland. All the talk about inclusion and integration in society has for many been just talk. We need legislation to be updates immediately and enforced with heavy sanctions for those that don’t comply. I got the following motion passed at the October Clondalkin area committee ‘’ That SDCC recognises that all people with a Disability have a right to full and meaningful participation and active inclusion in an accessible , safe and disability friendly environment. That SDCC will ensure that people with a disability will be a priority when planning and developing the new development plan’’ and for January meeting I got the following motions passed ‘’ That South Dublin County Council calls for the enactment of the Assisted Decision Making Bill 2013 in order to fulfill our requirements under Article 12 of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Equal Recognition Before the Law.’’ And ‘’That following recent revelations about care in homes for people with Intellectual disability , SDCC calls on the Government to instruct HIQA to carry out un-announced and undercover investigations into all service dealing with Vulnerable people and introduced legislation that protects and enforced respectful , Dignified and people first choice led care practices in all services.’’