Some of the Accommodation people are Living in , in Balgaddy is disgraceful . I am glad to hear today that a class action against the State, taken by residents of 20 local authority estates, alleging poor-quality housing is breaching their human rights, has been declared admissible by the European Committee of Social Rights in Strasbourg.  ( and Its a disgrace that Balgaddy has been effectively ignored by SDCC and that the issues of complaints submitted have been blamed on Lifestyle choices, This is not true , the accommodation Is the result of poor planning and no family should have to live in Damp conditions, the area of Balgaddy has also be starved of Amenities and services and hopefully SDCC will step up and resolve the many issues in Balgaddy and other areas.

I have the following motion down for the April Area meeting.

43843 Councillor F. Timmons Motions 23/03/2015

That this committee demands that SDCC get Housing in Balgaddy reported to SDCC assessed by a Health Officer and Fire Officers and Independent inspectors and that immediate remedy is made following these assessments. This committee also asks that we are kept updated on progress on a monthly basis as part of the agenda for Clondalkin area meeting.