Press Release:

The Beacon of Light Fundraising committee will hold a Balloon launch at 8pm in the Waterside Car park in memory all those who lost there life to suicide on Friday 13th September , after the balloon launch we will hold a quiz and raffle for the Beacon of Light.

The evening will aim to raise funds for the Beacon of Light and to raise the profile of the Beacon of Light in the area.
The Beacon of Light Counselling Centre (Telephone 01-4578700) supports people through Counselling, Family Support, Suicide help, Workshops and Counselling for children from 7 years and their parents. Beacon of Light Counseling Centre is a community based project which provides high quality, accessible and affordable professional counselling and training workshops.   This service provides support and positive intervention to assist individuals, families and groups guiding them toward positive relationships with self, others, the community and the environment.

Please contact Francis Timmons Beacon of Light committee member– 087 286 9315 or email if you can help in any way or require any further information.