Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 29/07/2014 in relation to boarded houses and tranfers in the
Clondalkin Area.

There are currently 15 council houses vacant in the Clondalkin Area, 5 of which are boarded up and 7
vacant private houses, 4 of which are boarded up.

The total number of people on the transfer list downsizing from 2,3 and 4 bedroomed accommodation is
105 for North of Naas Road, which includes Clondalkin and total countywide on transfer list is 800.
Any tenant can apply for a transfer by completing a transfer application specifying the reason for the
transfer and enclosing the requested documentation and forwarding same to either Customer Care or
Housing Allocations. This application can be obtained from either Customer Care or Housing

If you have any further queries in relation to transfers, please contact Housing Allocations at 4149000.