A South Dublin councillor and Dublin Mid-West By election candidate Cllr Francis Timmons is calling for a state museum and “healing garden” to be built on the site of the last Magdalene Laundry owned by the state. The building on Sean McDermott Street was the last laundry to close in 1996. In September 2018 , Dublin City councillors voted to block the sale of the former laundry to a Japanese hotel chain.

Clondalkin councillor Francis Timmons said: “This site must remain in state ownership and serve as a place of remembrance and healing for all those who went through church and state institutions’’

He said “As we again approach the Christmas Season , There are many survivors who find Christmas particularly hard. , Many mothers think about the sons they have no contact with. Others mourn the Christmases that were lost as children , Everyone has their memories, their story to tell. They need to be shared and heard. As a survivor myself I want my story told about the institution I was in and how I was used in the Vaccine Trials”

Cllr Timmons added that building such a memorial would give survivors of such institutions “a real opportunity for healing and truth telling , Many of us who survived felt firstly that no one would listen and secondly that no one would believe us”.

“I acknowledge and hope that this site gives the whole State an opportunity and potential to come to terms with our dark and dreadful past history and offers a real chance to examine has the State learned from the huge wrongs done to so many in our past,” he said.

“It gives us a chance to have a place that could offer healing services to the survivors and those surviving, all those bereaved and those with living bereavement.

“To the families torn apart and all in the State, a chance for the nation to face up to our dark past and to move forward ensuring that we have learned from our past and that the awful abuse and neglect of the past is never repeated.”

‘’As part of my campaign I am highlighting the need for a state Museum and memorial Garden to remember the Forgotten Irish , those that survived and those that are surviving.