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mortgage holders need help

Posted by webmaster on June 22, 2013
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

They bailed out the banks and the bondholders , what about the mortgage holders in need of help ?The number of mortgages in arrears for 90 days or more has risen by 0.4% to 95,554, according to the latest figures from the Central Bank.

More than 12% of residential mortgages for principle dwellings were in arrears for more than three months by the end of March – 3,205 more than the figure recorded at the end of December 2012.

Meanwhile, the number of mortgages in arrears for 180 days or more was up 4.8% in the first three months of 2013 when compared with October to December of last year.

The number of accounts in arrears for over 720 days was up 12% during the same period.

However, the number of mortgages in arrears of fewer than 90 days was down slightly, falling 0.7% to 46,564 accounts.More than 79,760 accounts were also classified as restructured by the end of March, with indications that 76% of those were deemed to be meeting their new arrangements.

By the end of March, there were 29,369 buy-to-let mortgages in arrears for 90 days or more, representing 19.7% of all such accounts.

This is an increase of more than 1,000 mortgages compared to the last three months of 2012.

BOI CEO gets €843,000 pa

Posted by webmaster on April 24, 2013
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

CEO Richie Boucher , of Bank of Ireland on €843,000 pa disgrace we are being treated as fools.  We have no accountability or Justice while we and the next generations pay the cost.

Austerity – Not good enough

Posted by webmaster on April 11, 2013
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

On 1/10/12 I posted on my site ”Today the Irish Goverment gives away another €1 Billion to unsecured Bondholders from the Irish Taxpayer while the upcoming budget will take €3.5 Billion out of allready hard pressed citizens pockets. Our politicians are saying little and doing less. Shame on them and there legacy to the Irish People.

Today ”A former International Monetary Fund (IMF) official has admitted that austerity alone as a way of solving Ireland’s economic crisis was a mistake and is counter-productive.” At last some truth ”burning bondholders, could have saved billions of euro” Austerity that has brought Un-employment , heartache and over 10% in food hunger to so many in Ireland, So much could have been avoided. The Legacy of FF and The Greens, FG and Labour.


The Mobility Allowance and Motorised Transport Grant are now gone , The announcement comes on top of the 19 per cent cut to the Respite Care Grant announced in Budget 2013. It is another savage blow to the most vunerable in our society by this shambles of a Fine Gael -Labour Goverment.

Carers Ireland

Budget 2013

Posted by Francis on January 2, 2013
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

As most of the information on Budget 2013 is in the public domain perhaps the finer detail may not be fully understood.To that end perhaps the following may be of assistance:

Household Benefit Package.
The value of the Telephone Allowance will be reduced from 22.58 euros per month to the new monthly rate of 9.50 euros per month. This a reduction of 157 euros a year from January 2013.A question arises here regardin the latter, which has not been clarified, many elderly people use mobile phones now, a source of important communications and were eligible for a monthly mobile phone allowance. There is no indication if this has been reduced. It could well be argued such mobile phone use by the elderly is a source of security in particular in rural Ireland.

The Electricty/Gas Allowance will be set at a single rate based on the average market rate across all suppliers.. Currently the allowance is set as 150 units per month. The new rate of 35 euros per month from January 2013 will be fixed and will not move automatically with price increases as the system did.The carbon tax will be extended to solid fuels on a phased basis. A rate of 10 euros per tonne will be applied with effect from 1st May 2013 and at a rate of 20 euros per tonne from 1st May 2014. While no provision exists in law to prevent suppliers of solid fuel to absorb the cost it is reasonable to say it will be passed onto the customer and in the case of those in receipt of a Fuel Allowance such will be reduced in value. It therefore could well be stated where its claimed “No change in the Fuel Allowance payment” is incorrect.

Local Property Tax.
Where self-assessment is based on Revenue guidance notes to be published in March it cannot be challenged. This appears to be at total odds to Constitutional matters of right of appeal !.
Residential property owned by Local Authorties or Social Housing Organisations will not be automatically excempt from LPT. No clarification on this matter.

The threshold for the Drugs Payment increases from 132 to 144 euros per month from 1st January 2013. Prescription charges increase from 50p per item to 1.50p per item up to a monthly limit of 19.50 euros per family (increased from 10 euros).

There is greater detail on other matters but in respect of those on a Social Protection Packages “NO REDUCTION IN CORE PAYMENTS” somewhat sounds like a revolving door, reality strikes on exit. Those families striving to exist on Social Protection payments and the placing of the rights of the child foremost in the Constitution creates a misty hase of such concern when Child Benifit and Back to School Allowances cuts refute such will of the people in placing the rights of children first.

petition to Eamon Gilmore

Posted by Francis on December 22, 2012
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

Now is your chance to Tell Eamon Gilmore how you are struggling please sign the petition and hopefully make a change. pass on to family and friends.



The Houses of the Oireachtas have issued a tender for the supply and servicing of 300 tablet computers for TDs and staff members. This is the same Oireachtas that voted to cut child benefit and cut the Respite allowance. Tablet computers from Apple and Samsung retail at between €400 and €800. Our chance to show the Partys what we think will come in 2014 local elections. Remenber Labours pre-election promise not to cut child benefit ??

Petition for Derek Keating TD to apologise

Posted by Francis on December 22, 2012
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

On Dec 12th Derek Keating made some remarks in the Dail that where in-appropraite His statements help perpetuate the prejudice and discrimination that Lone Parents suffer.  Please take time to sign petition.


pre-Budget petition cards for Age action

Posted by Francis on November 9, 2012
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues 

I have pre-Budget petition cards for Age action Anyone that would be willing to sign one please contact me I have to return them by 16th Novemeber

Home care cuts

Posted by Francis on October 25, 2012
Posted in Budget and Goverment issues  | 2 Comments

I wrote to our four TDs in Dublin Mid West in relation to the vote to reverse  Home care cuts,

”I am asking as a resident of clondalkin How you can justify this decision ? How you think this decision  will ensure that safe and Independent Home care can be delivered? How people will ensure that our elderly are aided with cleaning , dressing and house chores done to an acceptable standard? How can Home care worker provide for social interaction and engagement that will reduce and alter depression? How cutting community care will deliver efficiency that will unblock our much needed Hospital and nursing home beds?
Please reply back to my email.”