Cllr Timmons says ‘’The Clonburris SDZ has been approved and while i welcome the housing it will deliver i am very concerned about Transport , Traffic and community services , It appears we are just expected to trust the planners. We in Clondalkin have been let down by bad planning and traffic congestion.  I am glad that i voted for the SDZ and i am also glad that i appealed it to An Bord Pleanála. I voted for the SDZ not because i believe it to be the best plan but because we are in a dreadful housing crisis. We are now in the hands and at the mercy of the NTA ,  Government agencies , South Dublin County Council and Government Departments to deliver whats needed to deliver a sustainable community. Given the deficits in much of what already exists i am very sceptical and fear what may come down the track , People will need to elect very strong councillors on May 24th to  ensure we dont end up with repeats of past bad planning’’