Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 17/09/2014 in relation to Corkagh Fishery Facility.
The development of Corkagh Fishery arose out of the development of a flood attenuation scheme on the
River Camac following significant flooding in Clondalkin Village in the late 1990’s / early 2000’s.
Following construction of the flood attenuation ponds, an opportunity to develop a put and take fishing
facility as an amenity concession in Corkagh Park was developed and opened in 2004.

The fishery is a popular destination for local residents and park visitors alike with many people using the
coffee shop during the summer months. Upgrade works were carried out to the fishing shop, outdoor
terrace, and fishing platforms earlier this year. Works were also carried towards the end of 2013 to
improve disabled access on the path between the lakes and to the fishing platforms.

BK Golf management Ltd has been managing the Fishery since April 2013 in line with the Camac Valley
Licence Agreement at the requirement of South Dublin County Council pending the outcome of a tender
process specific to the Fishery operation. A management concession for the facility was tendered in
November 2013 but the process was unsuccessful as no tenders were received.

The business is seasonal and the Council is mindful of the economic costs of staffing the facility. As a
result, the Council is undertaking a full audit and review of the facility to determine the best way to

The Council is currently examining several tender options in this regard, including;- inviting tenders for
the management of the facility on the basis of an Annual Franchise Fee where the Council would still be
involved in the maintenance of the building, lakes and surrounds,
or inviting tenders for the full management, operation and maintenance of the facility on the basis of an
Annual Franchise Fee or that the Council operate the facility directly with no private operator involved.
A decision on the best way forward in respect of the fishery will be made when the full audit of the facility
has been completed and full cost / benefit analysis of the various options has been concluded.