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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

My Commitments


Housing – I will continue campaigning for Housing schemes in SDCC and actively campaign for affordable housing. I will also call for a Referendum that every Child is entitled to a Home free from abuse and neglect. I would support a Rent Cap and large scale housing throughout Ireland to Revitalize rural towns and spread Housing.

Anti-Social Behaviour – I will continue to work with the Garda and SDCC in an effort to combat anti-social behavior.

Mental Health – I will continue to campaign for and promote positive mental health and support increases to funding for Mental Health services.

Disability – I will continue to be a voice for people with a disability.

Community – I will continue to be involved in many groups and promote and encourage an inclusive and vibrant community.

Climate Change – I will continue to work on local & national environmental issues.

National Survivor Museum & Garden – I will continue to lobby for a Museum & Garden for survivors of Institutional abuse.

Infrastructure – I will continue to campaign and fight for better, adequate infrastructure and amenities in all areas, especially for new developments such as the Clonburris SDZ.