* I have heard it all now – a Fianna Fail and Fine Gael coalition. Is Mary O’Rourke from this planet?
Fianna Fail brought this country to its knees. Fine Gael, propped up by Labour no less, continues disastrous policies that are wreaking havoc on a lot of Irish citizens….
Cuts to homecare, cuts to disability, cuts to special needs assistants and so on have left vulnerable people more vulnerable.
The property tax and upcoming water charges will drive more into poverty. A total 10pc already live in food poverty. We have a whole new level of poverty and a new Ireland thanks to this shower.
Come to think of it, is any one of the parties – Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, or Labour – really living on this planet?
I, for one, hope that the Irish people show all three parties how they feel come the local elections in May 2014.
Francis Timmons
Clondalkin, Dublin 22