Dear younger Francis

Today I write this letter to my younger self when I am nearly at the age of 50 , you are a lovely child with your red hair and blue eyes Born ,as every baby, is with Innocence and Joy. They took your innocence away at an early age, putting you into an institution, your eyes quickly showed fear and sadness as you learnt at a young age to survive. The wrongs done to you where many, the day they took you from your mammy you cried but no one listened. when they used your young body for vaccine trials you cried but no one listened, when you were being sexually abused in foster care you cried but no one listened. The many times you cried but no one listened, those floods of tears became your river of life.

You deserved Happiness , you where an innocent child robbed of a normal childhood , that sad neglected child is now a man and although it took a long time He now loves himself , as a child you had to survive you didn’t get the chance to love yourself. To be a child and to laugh and play like a child, your childhood memories filled with memories of the smell of urine, jam sandwiches and abuse. How I long to go back there and hold you and tell you , you are loved, you are a good child , but I can’t, the passing of time has brought many cover ups, as every year attempts to bury the past are made but you can’t and won’t forget it you live it all in your mind every day.

Despite all those that hurt you, you fought and have survived your voice is strong you are no longer that child that had no say! You are now a strong independent person!

Older Francis