Dear Minister

On Behalf of the Library Location Group Based in Oatfiled/Harelawn in
Clondalkin I am asking you to consider the following,

We are disgusted that the North Clondalkin community development
programme is exploiting innocent school children to further their
campaign for a Library to be built on a Green at Harelawn-Oatfield in
Clondalkin. We strongly object to schools handing out a “Sign if you
want a library” form (which also has an agreement to the proposed
location at Harelawn-Oatfiled added at the bottom) to school kids and
asking them to get their parents to sign it. We Know some schools have
engaged in this and we call on all schools not to get involved.

As part of this we are also informing you, the Minister for Education,
of our deep concerns around this type of peer-pressure manipulation of
our children and are asking you to intervene. It seems that some
members of the community are doing their best to damage the great
community spirit.

We are hearing reports from school children that they must bring back
in the form signed. We currently have 538 objection letters that we
are lodging with the council. We went door to door and explained our
objections and asked adults to sign the Form. We did not engage in
underhanded methods of using children. We also did not engage in a
campaign of mis-information.

Ridiculous Information currently going around is only dividing the
community more. It is time for every local Councillor and TD to firmly
state their position and stop trying to treat local residents like
lower class citizens. We again state that we are in 100% support of a
Library but not on this Green.It has proven difficult, to say the
least, to get some Councillors and any TD’s to meet the group.

Further to this email we invite all local Councillors , TD’s and
Ministers to actively engage with the Library Location Group.

Francis Timmons
Spokesperson – Library Location Group
087 286 9315