My motion for January council meeting is

41941 Councillor F. Timmons County Council Motions 04/12/2014
“South Dublin County Council calls on the Minister for Health to review and regulate assessment policy and procedure by the HSE, and in particular HSE in SDCC to ensure that those assessments are fully client-centred, timely and thorough, and that the rights and wishes of the client are respected and accommodated; that therapies, mobility aids and housing adaptations are fully agreed with the client before being issued. Furthermore, that therapies, mobility aids and housing adaptations are recognised as a Right, not a luxury, and defined as such by the World Heath Organisation (WHO) and Disability Act 2005 to facilitate independent living; that provision be made within the budget for therapies, mobility aids and adaptations which are of high quality and fit for purpose, and to ensure quality of service, that performance indicators are factored into the assessment procedure.

And Decembers is

41639 Councillor F. Timmons County Council December 2014 County Council Meeting
Motions 24/11/2014
That South Dublin County Council calls for the enactment of the Assisted Decision Making Bill 2013 in order to fulfill our requirements under Article 12 of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – Equal Recognition Before the Law.