Closing submission  Cllr Francis Timmons Clondalkin Independent Councillor

As I stated previously I have lived over 40 years of my life in Clondalkin and I grew up and now live relatively near the Clonburris Lands. We in Clondalkin are left with a legacy of bad planning and corruption , and a national housing crisis that has effected many citizens in Clondalkin and south Dublin county council that extends through social, affordable and private housing requirements as I have said all along.  After  attending and actively engaging with 36 ½ hours SDZ Council meetings , and  30 motions I put down at these meeting and co-signed many of my independent colleagues motions. My arguments have never been against housing or indeed building on the Clonburris Lands. An estimated additional 20,000 people will live in Adamstown and 20,000 in Clonburris , These people deserve to live in a sustainable community.600 submissions where made in the first stage of the SDZ and many of Those issues are still what we are trying to address through this appeal.


We  heard that Clonburris SDZ offers a new way of community living, In my opinion little regard has been given to the surrounding areas of Lucan and Clondalkin two built up suburbs who will be adversely affected by this SDZ especially in regards to traffic. I asked SDCC during the oral hearing what efforts were made by SDCC to get an affordable housing scheme included as part of the Clonburris SDZ ? and was the minister asked to allow an increase into council houses percentage from 10% on private lands? These questions where not answered , upto 10am today we still don’t know if SDCC approached the minister for housing and asked for an affordable scheme ? I just learnt this morning that no specific request went to the Minister or Dept. for Clonburris.

This is of major concern to all those in Clondalkin and Lucan who are desperate to buy a home and cant and wont afford to buy in the proposed Clonburris SDZ. Integrated housing is the way forward and again a recent example of where this hasn’t happened is Shackleton where the 60 social housing units were all lumped together. This is not integration. It segregates people and I believe we need to live together in real communities.

Community Facilities – I outlined the need for playspaces , teenage facilities , community spaces etc. I asked will they be delivered in tandem with the housing and I hope this happens but I and others are sceptical given broken commitments in the past that I outlined examples in my first submission at this hearing.

Transport – We were told that the SDZ aims to address Traffic challenges and then told it can’t sort all the issues locally with traffic. We have been told at this hearing there is Traffic congestion and then told Clonburris won’t add to traffic congestion , My concerns around traffic coming out of the Clonburris SDZ and onto Clondalkin and Lucan already congested roads has not been addressed . To add to this a promised Metro that was to go through Clondalkin is not on the table and the Dart Underground which is not included in the national planning framework  looks unlikely in the foreseeable future  . at best it may happen in 2027 ? , The Lucan Luas is at least 10 plus years from delivery so in conclusion in regards to traffic , I still don’t feel or nor do many residents I represent feel that there is adequate provision within the Clonburris SDZ for a proper and comprehensive transport network.

The issues that drivers on the Fonthill road face is long delays at certain times of the day. If there is an accident on the M50 it is even more congested, The further issues of Lucan and Clondalkin village being at a standstill as is at times throughout the day. The huge volume of cars coming from Liffey Valley etc So Again I remind An Bord Plenanala of The approved Kilcarberry building project that will deliver over 1000 houses and Eircom , balgaddy and oldcastle social council housing developments all in the pipeline and all will be using the Fonthill road and the started St Cuthberts park houses. I have not on the whole had my concerns alleviated, while I welcome Bus Connects in principal and this hopefully will provide a service to Balgaddy that has never had a bus service , Areas like Palmerstown woods in Clondalkin that is over 40 years old has never had a bus service on a road with 2 new housing developments , a prison and a travellers community centre and Halting site.

I again ask An Bord Pleanála to reject the NTAs call for no phasing of Busses and Lucan Luas and that the Bord fully consider what is appropriate in regards to this .

We can allocate a site for a fire station in the plan but none for a Garda Station, I am appalled to learn that there has been no communication from the department of Justice to SDCC in regards to providing extra funds and resources for the Clonburris SDZ , The people need and deserve better I ask that the Minister be asked as part of this appeal to comment on the safety of residents in regards to law and order in the SDZ and that this issue of huge public concern is addressed in an appropriate manner.

All I have asked throughout this long process is that the final plan meets the varied needs of those in need of housing that must include social , affordable and private in an integrated and fully inclusive community, and that the Transport system does not to overly effect already congested and struggling road networks and that a Garda station adequately resourced and capable of dealing with the large numbers of people that will live in the completed Clonburris SDZ is made part of the plan and that community infrastructure is delivered and mapped out clearly in the SDZ. Above all I want a sustainable town that people will want to live in and will demonstrate by design and transport networks a real and tangible commitment to a sustainable town that will address needs of the surrounding areas.

In regards to the Clonburris SDZ, as stated previously I Voted for the final draft of the Clonburris SDZ not because I felt it was the best plan and most sustainable community but because as stated before I wouldn’t vote against housing, We need to learn from past mistakes. I don’t believe this SDZ is a sustainable new community and i ask that An Bord Plenanala consider mine and other appeals and ensure the delivery of a sustainable community.