We would like to make it clear to all concerned that we are 100% committed towards the proposal to construct a new library in North Clondalkin

However we strongly object to the proposed location on the “Green Space” bordering: Collinstown Road, Oatfield Avenue, Oatfield Park, Harelawn Crescent and Harelawn Avenue on the following grounds:

Focal Point: The “Green” has been the central focal point of the Rowlagh Parish community since 1982, a period of 32 years.  It has provided a safe easily monitored off-street area for the young children of the neighbouring estates to play

Neighbourhood/Landscape: Residents in the estates bordering the “green” purchased their properties and endured many years of heavy mortgage repayments based on the expectation that landscape would mature but not change drastically.  The location of the green was an important deciding factor in their initial decision to purchase and settle here.    

Mental health:  the rates of depression and suicide are very high in north Clondalkin.  Open spaces like this are vital to the health and well-being of the surrounding residents.  Open spaces help people relax and escape from oppressive built up areas.  This will have the greatest impact on the residents of Oatfield park who currently have an open unobstructed view.

Anti-Social behaviour & Vandalism:  Anti-social behaviour in the area has been allowed to occur with little or no intervention by the authorities.  We feel locating the library on the green could potentially exacerbate anti-social behaviour in the area.  A building such as a library should be protected and bordered on three sides with the front of the building accessible to the public.  The inclusion of 2.8metre fencing in the plans supports this assertion.  Locating the library on the green without adequate security could potentially put financial strain on the council due to the higher than normal maintenance costs

Traffic:  residents are particularly concerned about the increase in traffic levels and on-street parking within the bordering estates which will be dangerous to children and obstruct access to emergency services and local authority vehicles