Cllr Timmons says ‘’ The Public consultation is now open for the proposed council housing at Lindasfarne / melrose . Lindasfarne / melrose, I note the proposed Houses can’t be moved across the road due to the services beneath ,I also note you said the Green field opposite will be upgraded as part of the SDZ when the Houses beside Ashwood are built and while I welcome this some attempts must be made to make this safer in the short term and a pedestrian light would be required to allow safe crossing of this busy road if it is to be parkland? . I request that SDCC look and see what can be done and report back ? it would need to be secured so scamblers and quads do not take it over. I have asked Is there anyway even part of the houses could be allocated to people from Bawnogue on list , I have requested a list of sites the council own in Bawnogue that it is possible to build on and Also for the greater Clondalkin area. The lack of a playspace in Bawnogue has been raised by me since 2014 and I have suggested that the Bawnogue community centre be looked at as its secure , I Have asked for some feedback on this I had it agreed as a motion at the area committee  I have also requested to get an anti-social report on the Bawnogue area ? ‘’


Cllr Timmons says ‘’ I am glad to hear that the next part 8 will be for step down accommodation for older people this is something I have been asking for since I was elected’’




Submissions or observations in relation to the proposed development, dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made as follows:


Online at up to 11.59pm on Thursday, 8th October 2020.




Written submissions not later than 5.00pm, Thursday, 8th October 2020.

Please address your submission to:

Senior Executive Officer,

Housing Department,

South Dublin County Council,

County Hall,


Dublin 24.


Section 183


Cllr Timmon says ‘’It appears in my opinion that the section 183 is a non-runner at the Lindasfarne site I have suggested we do not proceed with this and instead engage with Celtic Football club and the Deansrath Familiy centre in a site on St Cuthberts Park I feel this will get local and Elected members support , Celtic FC has just celebrated 50 years and it would be a huge win for the community to include a changing room and clubhouse facility along with a Family Resource Centre.  We need to reclaim the park.  Along with this the Cuthberts Park High level task force needs to be resumed as we need to look at the development of the area as a whole community. I feel we need to look at some type of amenity for the community at this space a nice garden or suggestions from locals who live there ? several people have raised issues of council maintenance of the area which I have raised with SDCC. I have also put in via membernet but also bollards and ramps in Lindasfarne has been raised with me. ‘’