Cllr Timmons says ‘’ I am delighted to announce that I will be contesting the upcoming by-election for Dublin Mid-West Poster Free  , I will not be littering the towns , villages and roads of Dublin Mid-West , I am putting a challenge up to other candidates running to do the same , There are many reasons not to do posters one is Our Local Tidy Towns groups do not want posters that destroy the look of our area for the few weeks they are up but more importantly than that is , if we are serious about Climate Change than we simply cannot buy more posters that take 400+ years to biodegrade. It time for everyone involved in Politics to stand up to Climate change and action speaks louder than words, the clock is ticking and now is the time to take action. Will we just talk about Climate Change or will we take real action? I suggest Politicians should be leading the way and going poster free. I 100% support the amazing work done by our local Tidy Towns in areas of Dublin Mid-West. I have listened to Climate Change activists and this is my gesture to say I have heard the voices of campaigners who are rightly saying we need to do more on Climate Change and Faster , we ultimately need a ban on all one use plastic’’

Corrugated plastic, commonly known as Corriboard is the material of choice for election posters. Like other single use plastics, they take 400+ years to biodegrade. For example In the 2014 local elections, 2038 candidates ran for 949 seats. An estimated 611,000 posters were erected with a combined cost of €3M with posters covering the equivalent area of 23 Croke Parks. This produced 366 tonnes of Co2, the equivalent of driving an average car non-stop for 592 days. In many areas, these posters were a safety and driving hazard, often obscuring important road signage. After 30 days of canvassing, the majority of these posters were sent to landfill.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’I will be reusing old posters in Friends and Families and shop windows but will not be purchasing any new posters or erecting anything in public areas where they have the potential to damage our environment.’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’My campaign will focus primarily on Climate Change , Mental Health , Disability , Community Facilities and Infrastructure , Housing and Truth , Justice issues and Anti-Social Behaviour issues.’’