Cllr Timmons says ‘’ This Christmas we need to offer hope to the people living in Balgaddy the issues need to be sorted , This Christmas, some residents in Balgaddy are facing into another Christmas of unacceptable living conditions. These include structural issues and overcrowded living conditions, and continuing anti-social behaviour which is making life miserable for many families living there.’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’At Octobers Clondalkin Area Meeting i proposed as Area Chair and elected members voted to defer the Proposed  Pre-Part 8 Proposal for Social Housing Development at Balgaddy until November area meeting , I proposed an urgent meeting be held to look at the Balgaddy area between elected members and housing to look at the whole Balgaddy area, This meeting has been held and I have received written commitments from SDCC in regards to Balgaddy made at the meeting’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’While I appreciate we are in a dreadful housing crisis I am adamant that Balgaddy issues must be addressed prior to building more housing These include Housing – (Condition of current housing , overcrowding , Letter Boxes , Buzzers , Housing Allocation ) , Public Realm – (Grass cutting , litter) , Community –(Current Playground and community facilities) , Anti-Social – (Drug dealing , intimidation , Quads) and I have also proposed the setting up of a Balgaddy Working Forum that would include elected members. ‘’


Cllr Timmons says ‘’It would be utterly irresponsible and a slap in the face for residents living in the area if these issues are not dealt with prior to bringing an additional 78 Families into the area , I have never voted against Housing in SDCC but the issues in this case are too much to be ignored , I certainly do not want to delay housing so I am calling on SDCC to address the issues for all residents already living there and for all future residents At November area meeting I proposed a deferral to January pending action on some of the issues raised at the meeting , this was agreed by 3 cllrs for , 2  against and 3 cllrs not present‘’

‘’The Housing will be made up of 4 Person 3 bed x 22 , 5 Person x 3 bed x 27 , Duplex 1 bed (10) and 5 Person x 3bed (10)  x 20 and 2 bed Appartments x 9 which are much needed and welcome’’