Dear Councillor Timmons,

I refer to representation received on 29/07/2014 in relation to proposed housing construction in the
Clondalkin area for the period 2014 – 2015.

In this regard I wish to advise that Part 8 approval under the Local Government (Planning and
Development) Regulations 2001 – 2012 has been obtained in respect of 11 social housing units at St.
Marks Green and a further 18 units at Mayfield Park, Clondalkin.

Pre-tender funding approval is currently awaited from the Department of Environment Community and
Local Government in respect of both proposals. Subject to funding approval, both projects will proceed
to tender in accordance with guidelines set down under the Capital Works Management Framework
issued by the Department of Finance. A contractor will be appointed to oversee the construction
programmes following on the tender process.

The social units, on completion will be allocated in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Letting