I have lodged my objection to the proposal as it is for a proposed nursing home facility at the church and convent  in Clondalkin village. The proposal in no way keeps with the Heritage and conservation of Clondalkin – We have lost enough through bad planning – This must not go ahead as proposed! I will be watching this proposal very closely.

Re Planning Application SD18A/0328

My Objection in relation to Planning Application SD18A/0328

  1. The scale of the front section of the proposed Nursing home will alter forever the look of the Church and Convent that has been a part of Clondalkin for generations , I am concerned that it will block out the  view of the convent.
  2. The Limestone wall at front of proposed development and the removal of same will alter the appearance of Clondalkin Village
  3. Brick and other materials are not with in keeping with current Church and Convent.
  4. Traffic is of huge concern the front is one of the main entrances into Clondalkin Village and is a very busy road with schools and local houses as well as entrance to village. This will add to current Transportation issues and Traffic Congestion.
  5. The current wildlife of Swifts and Bats would be effected by this proposed build. Also some Trees would have to be removed.
  6. Clondalkin is an area of Architectural Conversation and this site hosts two of our local history trails.
  7. I would suggest that the Current development is not allowed in this form and is redone to take all above concerns on board.