I cant help reflecting on what’s important at this time of a Worldwide Health Crisis!

Less cars on the road , less pollution , less rubbish around our villages  – Maybe Nature has a way of telling us that we need to look at what we are doing to our planet?

But also spare a thought for those living with domestic abuse , it is no doubt a worse time for them where work or social interaction offered some solace!

Or those going through Sexual , Mental or physical abuse , it is no doubt a worse time for them where work or social interaction and school offered some solace!

Spare some time to think of Parents struggling with Children who are feeling the strain of Lockdown!

Spare some time to think of People with Disability that are feeling frustrated and helpless!

Spare some time to think of Our Elderly that are feeling vulnerable!

Also reflect on who are our hero’s at this time , Our GPs . Doctors , Nurses , Ambulance staff  ,Care staff  etc some of these are on low wages ,  We depend on them all to keep us safe and well!

Lets reflect on all those who have come forward and answered Ireland’s call , those who look after our local communities and those in need at this strange time!

We are in strange times – its ok to feel anxious , its ok to feel afraid , its ok to feel insecure , after all we have had our world turned upside down Our norms are not as Normal for now!

In these strange times we need to Keep Safe and Be Kind , Help each other where we can , contact Friends and Family by phone or Apps!

We don’t yet know how but we will come through this and hopefully we will be a better and kinder race when we do!

For now look after yourselves and each other!


When this passes , will we have all learned a lesson ? Will we be a better , kinder and more compassionate Country ?


There is a lot to reflect on now and will be a lot more when this is over!


For now Stay Safe , Be Kind