I Want to thank everyone for there huge support  , 306 lbs is a lot of weight it took years to get here and will be a huge challenge to loose , i will be going walking a lot (will be aiming for most mornings) and everyone is welcome to join me I look forward to supporting each other over the next few weeks – Round Tower GAA – Operation Transformation 2018


Name: Francis Timmons
Age: 46
Weight: 21 St 9lbs
Main motivation for participating:
Francis was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure which, among other things, is closely related to bad lifestyle choices.
Food intake on a typical day:
Breakfast – doesn’t eat breakfast, EVER!
Lunch – White bread cheese sambos x3
Dinner – Usually around 9pm or after the pub.. mostly microwave meals or takeaway (4 nights a week)
Snacks: not applicable
Alcohol consumption per week:
4 nights a week – 6 or 7 pints per night
Most difficult thing to change/give up:
Cut down visits to the local pub & start eating breakfast

Francis works sporadic hours in his capacity as a local councillor and other work commitments. Because of this he’s very likely to make bad food choices on a daily basis.. he’s not a fan of the TV or board games so heads to the pub to de-stress and chill out.. he’s recently become embarrassed while struggling to tie his shoe laces in public.. at 46 years of age, he knows this isn’t right and is determined to make a change.. it’s a brave decision to put yourself out there, so let’s get behind him!!