1. Do you support our campaign?

I 100% support this campaign as i believe that to much of Clondalkin Heritage has been destroyed or lost. I put in objections to the planning application.  I don’t believe nursing homes are the way we should be going. Retirement Villages are the way we should be going instead of large scale institutional care homes. We  have 3 large ones given planning in Clondalkin very near each other. (Monastery Road , Boot Road and at Convent) – We need Home care Packages that would allow our older people stay at home and live independent supported lives into old age, I strongly feel it is regrettable that the Nuns haven’t met with the Campaign group and tried to come up with any compromise.

  1. In what ways have you supported our campaign so far?

– I wrote to SDCC and An Bord Pleanála to object to the Planning.

-I have supported and donated to fundraising efforts and will continue to do this.

– I have shared my video and support on my social media platforms.

– I have attended meeting when possible both public and Committee meetings.

– I delivered leaflets and shared events of social media.

– I have attended both public Rally’s.

– I have sought and got answers from SDCC.

– I wrote to the Archbishop of Dublin and the Presentation Nuns to voice my objection.

– I support the campaign in any way i can.

  1. What is your reaction to planning applications not having to include full disclosure of proofs of ownership as part of the planning process?

I was active in getting responses to questions posed by the committee in regards to this, I was disgusted and shocked to learn this. Its another farcical failure in our planning system.  I strongly believe the Nuns Should have to prove they own the land.

  1. In what ways do you intend to support our campaign in the immediate and farther future? [Please keep in mind that our future may involve having to go to court.  We may have to find a suitable authority to bring our hopes to fruition or do so ourselves.  We will need various assistances during all these processes.  We wonder in what ways you can assist us.]

I 100% support the campaign and will assist in any way I can. I have put out feelers for any sympathetic layers-barristers that might support us if we go to court.

  1. What if anything do you expect from us in return?

I am glad to support my Hometown and Community

  1. Do you give your permission for your response to be included on our Facebook page?

Yes glad to support


Cllr Francis Timmons


Peace Commissioner