Dear Editor


I felt the need to type this letter when I read about the  publication of a new sexual education programme developed by the Irish Bishops Conference. They have not surprisingly said that the Catholic church belief of Marriage is between  a man and woman must be part of this programme, The Vatican lately said they couldn’t bless a Same sex Marriage as it’s a sin, We voted by a popular majority that ‘’Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex’’. Ireland voted in 2015 and said yes to Love in large numbers and that was the day I became very proud to be Irish again  , this is the lesson our schools should be teaching and not what any church decides are the morals that should be taught.


I grew up in a harsh and judgemental Ireland, I want an Ireland that is fully equal and promotes and lives Equality. Our sex Educations should be based on facts. I urge the Government to intervene in this. Every child is Equal and they should be encouraged to be themselves. They need the Facts and they need support. 90% of schools are Catholic Schools and any hint that they would teach that a straight relationship is not as valid as an LGBT relationship is offensive and wrong.  A loving relationship is something to be promoted and aimed for by everyone. We should be teaching respect , tolerance and non-judgement in our schools. We should be nurturing all the children of the nation as Equals.


It’s frightening that around 4,000 LGBT+ teachers are hiding their sexual orientation because they fear for their job or promotion prospects would be harmed if their school patrons discovered their true identity, We need a state based sex education that reflects the modern republic many of us have fought for so long to achieve and that the Irish people In large majorities have voted for.


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West