The overpouring response to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis from our small island of Ireland has been remarkable , Many have opened there hearts and some even there homes to people fleeing an unnecessary and unjustified war, they are fleeing there homes leaving everything behind with the hope of one day returning to rebuild a devastated country, Many have left loved ones fighting in the Ukraine for there country not knowing if they will meet again, the human cost of war is heart-breaking and devastating for so many. Europe has opened its borders in an unprecedented show of solidarity and humanity.


This war is an attack on all we hold dear such as the ideals of democracy , freedom and equality.  The many stories I have heard and Ukrainians I have met have touched me with there stories , It is beyond my comprehension to explain the whys so for now we can only help in the ways we can , the costs are high and the future may be uncertain but we must pay the cost for freedom and stand for democracy. Our world fought many battles and wars to keep hatred out and to build a world of tolerance and acceptance , I will admit the world is far from perfect but this war is a sign that peace and freedom are fragile and always worth defending, The sanctions are necessary and although they hurt us all , we need to stand up for the rights of all countries that cherish democracy and freedom.  I am reminded of this when I hear the song If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next by Manic Street Preachers, I heard them singing it at a fundraiser for the Ukraine on TV and it’s a stark reminder of what’s at stake.


We need to ensure that we keep hatred out of our hearts , homes and our community, the efforts of so many Irish for the Ukrainian appeals shows just how decent the majority of Irish People are , we step up in a time of need and even in a time when its so hard for so many with spiralling household bills and increased costs of living we stand up for people in need. I hope one day many of the Ukrainians can return to there country and rebuild it but either way you are very welcome in our country.