Many of us survivors are on a journey of healing and even if we can’t fully heal we try to get some peace in our brokenness, we know our truth we lived it and continue to live with it, Many live with a living bereavement , loss of childhood , loss of a child and more , many of us survived neglect , abuse ,  vaccine trials and the institutions , we were hurt and torn apart  , many of us believed that firstly no one would listen to us and secondly that no one would believe us! We need to be able to tell our truth , tell our story and try to heal. Give us the space and time to talk our truth. Listen to us!


I am a damaged and hurt person but my past does not define me , its taken me a long time to love myself , I find it hard to trust people. But I want to heal , I want to have peace in my Heart and my head.


I am not letting commission reports , bills , negativity and promises get into my head , it cant take any more false promises , I have heard so many talk for survivors and debate for us , I don’t need any report to tell me what we lived.


I have never been and never will be a victim I am a survivor, we are here today cause we are strong to have survived so much.  We are lucky so many weren’t.


I wish every Survivor that Every step on their journey be a step on the healing journey.