Ms Theresa Brennan is a 29 year old lady with Scoliosis, epilepsy , Spina Bifida and an intellectual disability. Ms Brennan requires a lot of supports to be put in place such as a chair lift, wheelchair , second skin body suit , stair lift , Ramp and shower adjustments that will in total cost nearly EURO 15,000 . Currently there is no grants available. She lives in Dunawley with her Mam (60) and dad (65) . Due to lack of aids she has to be carried up and down the stairs by her mam and dad. Ms Brennan’s condition is deteriorating, so these supports are vital to her so she can have a basic quality of life. Her Dad has recently had a stroke.

Stewarts Hospital provide day-care 930-4 5 days a week and Teresa gets 5 days of respite each month. She needs 24 hour care. Stewarts social worker and other staff have been and continue to be very helpful and supportive towards the Brennan family.

Teresa cant walk without support and gets tired very easily ,sometimes she will sit down after a very short time, she needs a wheelchair so she can be brought out for walks etc.

Ann Brennan (Teresa’s sister) is opening an account in the name of ”The Theresa Brenan fund” to raise funds for these quality of Life  necessities.

Independent Local candidate is appalled at the way Teresa and her family have to live. It is another damming example of how the awful cuts of the last few years have effected the most vulnerable.  Money should be found to support this Family. Teresa is entitled to a better quality of Life. I am fully supporting Teresa and her family in this and have contacted our TDs and Ministers about Teresa’s situation. No parents/ couple should have to live like this especially as they enter there senior years. It is totally unacceptable.

any help please contact Francis Timmons @ or text/phone 087 286 9315
comment also available from Ann Brennan @ or text/phone 0862322977