Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) says ”EURO 1692 was raised at a benefit night
for the Theresa Brennan Fund two weeks ago in the Red Cow. On behalf
of the Brennan family i want to thank everyone involved. Its a sad and
disappointing reflection on our current government that they have not
come forward with any contribution towards this fund.”

Cllr Timmons said ” I will continue to support this fund and the
Brennan Family until I am happy that they have all the necessary Aids
to improve Theresa’s Life , So far the fund has secured a stair lift
and wheelchair for Theresa who lives with Disability and several
medical conditions. The money raised will go towards a ramp and
bathroom adjustments that will increase Theresa’s quality of life. ”

Theresas quality of life and her families has been helped by this
fund. Any help towards the fund please contact Cllr Timmons @
0872869315 or email