Cllr Timmons says ‘’ I welcome public consultation into Hate Speech Legislation , it Is imperative that Legislation covers all forms of Hate and that any new legislation needs to provide supports for people who are victims of Hate Crime and a system where they can feel safe and secure to report this Crime , a national data base of a log should be kept by the state to provide figures that reflect the issues and the legislation reviewed as the information dictates and I suggest a review of legislation maybe after 3 years of a national Log’’  

 Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Current legislation is not protecting members of the LGBT Community , Immigrants and  the Traveller community . Given the effect Of Hate Crime on Mental Health it is vital to provide full support and follow up and upfront information to the victim of Hate Crime  , As Ireland is an diverse and multicultural society no one should feel a Hate attack on themselves physically , mentally or emotionally , we should be a country that protects all our people’’


Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Wording should also include that the Laws of the land are respected and private opinions and religious teachings are not a defence for Hate speech , All forms of social media , email , phone or text hate speech should be included ‘’

Video on Call it out Campaign: