Cllr Francis Timmons who is running as an Independent Candidate for Dublin Mid-West says ‘’If elected I will lobby and call for a National Day of Remembrance for all survivors of Institutions  and to remember all those who didn’t survive , We also need a Survivors museum and a Healing Garden, Survivors need to be able to share and tell their story if they wish. I am also opposed to locking up files for 75 years which I believe is a blatant attempt to cover up the many wrongs of the past. The Retention of Records Bill is a slap in the Face to all Survivors , Survivors should decide how the records are maintained ‘’

Timmons says ‘’I also believe The site of the last Magdalene Laundry on Sean Mc Dermot Street must remain in state ownership and serve as a place of remembrance and healing for all those who went through church and state institutions.’’

Timmons says ‘’Many of us felt firstly no one would listen and secondly that no one would believe us , I hope that Survivors issues and the needs of Survivors is dealt with by the next Government in real and meaningful manner, this Election Gives Survivors a chance to voice their issues to all Candidates running for the Dail ’’