Cllr Timmons said at his local election campaign Launch that he was very honoured to be elected on his first attempt in 2014 as an independent councillor and that it has been a huge honour to serve the people of the Clondalkin LEA and has been a very busy 5 years , The launch took place in Bru Cronan.

Timmons says ‘’Unfortunately clondalkin has been divided by the electoral commission and the new Clondalkin Lea does not include North Clondalkin,  Balgaddy and Milford-Palmerstown Woods , these areas are very close to my heart and if re-elected I will represent them when possible. I would ask that those living in those areas vote for Guss O Connell I have been very lucky to Have worked closely with Cllrs O Connell , Gogarthy and O Toole as part of a community alliance made up of four dedicated independents ‘’

He went on to say ‘’The Clondalkin area has in the past suffered from Bad planning, corruption and nod and a wink style politics We have had enough of that we need Honesty, Integrity and community going forward we need to elect people that will work hard for our community. All politics is local. ‘’

On May 24th I am asking you to vote Number one for Timmons If I am re-elected I commit to the following

Housing – we have 37 families tonight in the Maldron hotel , rebuilding Ireland has failed and is failing the most vulnerable I commit to continues to vote for Part 8s that deliver sustainable communities I will continue to campaign for housing I have an unbroken record in voting for every housing scheme that has come before sdcc

Anti-social behaviour – I will continue to work with the Guards and SDCC to find solution’s to deal with Anti-social behaviour Over the last five years two of my motions led to the setting up of a Dublin wide Horse working forum to deal with horse issues and a scrambler and quad Working forum both of these I sit on and they have made progress particularly in the area of education

Mental Health – we face many challenges as a society in relation to mental health but I am very committed to this area , from remembrance nights to Safetalk to trees of hope I have worked hard in this area and will continue to campaign for positive mental health for all.

Disability – I have been a dedicated campaigner for disability rights for the last 30 years , we have come a long way be ratifying the UN convention on the rights of people with a disability but we have a lot of work to do in ensuring that they have access to education and work. Every person is entitled to a decent quality of life and the supports to be in place so they can achieve there best

Community – my record on community speaks for itself 5 Patrick’s day parades and 5 horticultural shows I am asking for you to vote for me to ensure there is a strong community based voice on the next council.

Climate change – many of my motions have focussed on environmental issues and I commit to continuing this work my motion on Keep Cups led to SDCC being the first council to role this out as policy The next 10 years will be vital in reducing the effects of Climate Change.

Webcasting despite several attempts my motions on webcasting of council meeting at SDCC has been voted down we are now the only council not to live stream our council meeting in the interest of accountability and transparency I will continues to demand webcasting of meetings.

Infrastructure – I voted for the Clonburris SDZ not because I believed it was the best plan but because it can deliver 8,400 homes, I and my independent colleagues appealed it to An Bord Penala and we await their decision, it will be vital that there is a strong voice on the next council to ensure that infrastructure is delivered in tandem with the housing.

I have campaigned through motions for many issues including the introduction of Cocos law to stop on line bullying and for the government to make Spinraza available for People living with SMA.

I am also involved and have motions down on a Truth and Justice Campaign for Survivors of the Magdalene Laundries, The mother and baby institutions, the county institutions and the Industrial schools, I also seek truth for those used in the Vaccine trials For Irish society to move forward we need to have truth and justice for all those that suffered at the hands of the state and church.

To get elected I will need your vote I am asking for you to share my leaflet and spread the word for me I thank you for coming tonight and I hope to serve the Clondalkin LEA for five more years

On the 26th April I am having a fundraiser Quiz in Gunpowder to raise funds for the campaign I am very grateful to those who donated through my go fund me page and those that gave me donations Campaigns are costly and I rely on any support I can get Any one that can take some leaflets or help in any way please let me know.

On May 24th I am asking you to vote Number one for Timmons If I am re-elected I commit to Honesty, Integrity and community,