1. Matters arising from TMM 22/01/2015
1.2 [NOV/52301] – CC Enq. No. 1061001 – Newcastle Village – A couple of people have approached me regarding a few issues, mostly regarding traffic. The following has been discussed verbally,1.  Trucks and cars are parking on the path near the service station to purchase items from the shop. This poses two problems, a) the finished surfaces of the paths are getting torn up causing potential trip hazards and b) I have actually seen people leave the path to get past, a situation which cannot be tolerated. Also a truck which was parked outside the shop actually rolled down the road last year while the driver was in the shop, which could have had fatal consequences. My idea would be to to continue the black bollards which are outside the shop along the paths as you turn left and right out of the shop and also on the path across the road at Newcastle Manor. I’m almost convinced a situation like this dose not exist in surrounding villages!! (Cllr. Francis Timmons) It was agreed at the Villages Meeting that the area will be monitored over the next couple of weeks to check parking patterns here. 



Consideration is being given to the installation of a raised kerb to prevent vehicles mounting same.


At time of inspection, no evidence of parking or footpath damage in front of the garage.

1.4 JAN/52990 Enq. 1069360  – Request for TMM – Scramblers and quads dangers at Corkagh Park, Fonthill Road and Hill at Glenfield Avenue. (Cllr. Francis Timmons).Enq. 1070186 Same


Gardai reported that this problem is difficult to address unless on a public road. 

A Gardai presence was agreed at these locations and a report will be forwarded to the next TMM.

1.5 [DEC/52671] – CC Enq. No. 1065554 – Junction of Main Street, Newcastle and Peamount Road – Can the Council please install double yellow lines opposite the Gondola pub on the approach to the junction of Main St Newcastle and Peamount Rd? (Cllr. Emer Higgins) Also Enq: 1082668 Newcastle tidy towns requests double yellow lines at school in Newcastle dangerous outside gondola pub and that side

 (Cllr. F. Timmons).

Inspection carried out on both sides of the road. There was no evidence of a parking issue. Further double yellow lines are not recommended. 



2. Parking Restrictions  
2.3 [JAN/53330] – CC Enq. No. 1074356 – Glenfield Avenue – Something needs to be done about the doctors surgery in Glenfield Ave. The cars do be parked on both sides of the road including the corners during surgery hours. Very hard to see past the corner for oncoming traffic. (Cllr. Francis Timmons) An inspection revealed parking on both sides of the road in the vicinity of the surgery.  However, the width of the road is such that the parking was not impeding the flow of traffic. 

Inspection did not reveal any parking close to the bends.

2.4 FEB/ 53584  Enq. 107836 Collinstown Road – Constant double parking around Chaplins Row and Terrace and cars constantly being parked on public footpaths blocking the way for our residents in wheelchairs at the entrance to Harelawn ! It also makes it impossible to see either direction of oncoming traffic when leaving the Harelawn estate ! Extremely dangerous for our children. (Cllr. F. Timmons).  Under the Road Traffic (Traffic & Parking) Regulations 1997, Section 36 (i). It is illegal to park on a public footpath. 

Discuss with Gardai at meeting.

2.5 FEB/53853  Enq. 1078379 Ashwood Road – Traffic on Ashwood road. Cars parking both sides of road and blocking road and driveways during school hours. People using our driveways for turning. (Cllr. F. Timmons).  Enforcement issue for Gardai – discuss with Gardai at meeting.
2.6 MAR/53945 – Enq 1082668 Main Street, Newcastle – Newcastle Tidy Towns requests double yellow lines at school in Newcastle – dangerous outside Gondola Pub and that side. (Cllr. F. Timmons). Inspection carried out on both sides of the road. There was no evidence of a parking issue. Further double yellow lines are not recommended.There is “School Keep Clear” markings in place and a School Warden operates at this school.
2.7 [FEB/53537] – CC Enq. No. 1076446 – St. Patrick’s Road – St Patricks Residents association have asked me to bring up again that children are playing on road can children at play signs be put up ? yellow lines for no double parking at chipper ? maybe some of green at vacant house given back for children to play would be a safe alternative ? (Cllr. F Timmons) This issue will be added to the list for children at play signs for consideration. 

Extensive double yellow lines have been provided at appropriate locations.  Further double yellow lines are not recommended as any parking  issue is of short duration.


Clarify location of green area for  children to play. Clarification sought by membersnet 05/03/2015.

3. Signing and Lining  
3.3 MAR/53951 – Enq. 1078998 Glenfield Park – Request for Children at Play signs at the entrance to Glenfield Park or even one or two ramps + other traffic measures. (Referred from Traffic Calming).  (Cllr. F. Timmons). Not selected for Traffic Calming in 2015. Add to “Children at Play” List.


4. Box Junctions  
5. Traffic/Pedestrian Signals  
5.1 FEB/53703 Ninth Lock Road – The lights at the garage past the waterside towards Neilstown. Absolutely bugs the life out of me. Have been late numerous times because the traffic turning right is blocking the traffic from going straight, which blocks the rest of the road & traffic coming from the nangor road can´t turn right because of the gridlock. If the path outside the garage was halved this would solve the problem. Really really annoying & very easily fixed. (Cllr. F. Timmons). The traffic signal sequence is operating correctly. Local widening would require major funding.
5.2 [FEB/53677] – CC Enq. No. 1078368 – Palmerstown Woods – Entrance of Palmerstown Woods impossible to cross for pedestrians, traffic lights needed. (Cllr. Francis Timmons) 


The Council enhanced the crossing point at the entrance from Palmerstown Woods in 2014.  Installed warning signs and road markings on each approach from the Main Road.   

Consideration will be given to the provision of speed indicator signage on approach from Wheatfield.


Refer to Public Realm to cut back vegetation to improve sight lines. – referred 05/03/2015



6. Other Measures  
6.1 MAR/54039  Enq: 1083625     Old Nangor Road – several accidents at Old Nangor Road near CPM Club needs urgent action. I have asked Sgt. Lydon for a report on same. (Cllr. F. Timmons).   The road at CPM pitch and putt club(CPM is Clondalkin paper mills)


 – to be inspected.