1. Matters arising from TMM 26/03/2015
1.2 [NOV/52301] – CC Enq. No. 1061001 – Newcastle Village – A couple of people have approached me regarding a few issues, mostly regarding traffic. The following has been discussed verbally,
1.  Trucks and cars are parking on the path near the service station to purchase items from the shop. This poses two problems, a) the finished surfaces of the paths are getting torn up causing potential trip hazards and b) I have actually seen people leave the path to get past, a situation which cannot be tolerated. Also a truck which was parked outside the shop actually rolled down the road last year while the driver was in the shop, which could have had fatal consequences. My idea would be to to continue the black bollards which are outside the shop along the paths as you turn left and right out of the shop and also on the path across the road at Newcastle Manor. I’m almost convinced a situation like this dose not exist in surrounding villages!!  (Cllr. Francis Timmons) This location is being included in the scope of works for the Villages Initiative for Newcastle to include measures to address this issue.

1.3 JAN/52990 Enq. 1069360  – Request for TMM – Scramblers and quads dangers at Corkagh Park, Fonthill Road and Hill at Glenfield Avenue. (Cllr. Francis Timmons). Parks have reported 31/03/2015 That the use of all motor vehicles including motorbikes is regulated by law. Vehicles are required to be taxed and insured, drivers are required to hold an appropriate licence or permit and are required to abide by the Rules of the Road when using them in a public place. Enforcement is a matter for An Garda Síochána.
The 2011 Bye-laws for Parks and Open Spaces contain specific provisions prohibiting the use of motorbikes, scramblers and quad motorcycles in public parks and open spaces under Section 3 – Traffic.
Other than works vehicles and in relation to specific events, all vehicular use is prohibited. These provision were specifically included as a result of the many complaints and representations received from the Elected Members and the general public expressing great concern about public safety, noise and nuisance arising from the irresponsible and, in many cases, illegal use of these vehicles in parks and open spaces.

1.6 FEB/ 53854  Enq. 1078367  Collinstown Road – Constant double parking around Chaplins Row and Terrace and cars constantly being parked on public footpaths blocking the way for our residents in wheelchairs at the entrance to Harelawn ! It also makes it impossible to see either direction of oncoming traffic when leaving the Harelawn estate ! Extremely dangerous for our children. (Cllr. F. Timmons).
Under the Road Traffic (Traffic & Parking) Regulations 1997, Section 36 (i). It is illegal to park on a public footpath.

Gardai to carry out enforcement in the area.
Refered 31/03/2015.

Leave on the TMM.

1.7 FEB/53853  Enq. 1078379 Ashwood Road – Traffic on Ashwood road. Cars parking both sides of road and blocking road and driveways during school hours. People using our driveways for turning.  (Cllr. F. Timmons).
Issue relates to school time and doctor’s surgery.
Refer illegal parking to the Gardai. School time issue.

Referred 31/03/2015.

1.8 MAR/53945 – Enq 1082668 Main Street, Newcastle – Newcastle Tidy Towns requests double yellow lines at school in Newcastle – dangerous outside Gondola Pub and that side. (Cllr. F. Timmons). On inspection no parking outside the Gondola Pub.

The location will be monitored when the new school is operational.

Map on file

1.9 [FEB/53537] – CC Enq. No. 1076446 – St. Patrick’s Road – St Patricks Residents association have asked me to bring up again that children are playing on road can children at play signs be put up ? yellow lines for no double parking at chipper ? maybe some of green at vacant house given back for children to play would be a safe alternative ? (Cllr. F Timmons) Refer to Parks to request part of the green space at the vacant house to be dedicated as a Children’s Play area.
(Referred 22/04/2015 to D. Fennell – who then referred it to Michael Hannon 24/04/2015).

St. Patrick’s Estate and St. Patricks Park  are on the agreed list for the provision of Children at Play signage for 2015.

Extensive double yellow lines have been provided at appropriate locations.  Further double yellow lines are not recommended as any parking  issue is of short duration.
1.11 MAR/53951 – Enq. 1078998  Glenfield Park – Request for Children at Play signs at the entrance to Glenfield Park or even one or two ramps + other traffic measures. (Referred from Traffic Calming).  (Cllr. F. Timmons).  Traffic Calming Section only inspect after  the location has been selected as a priority.
This location was not inspected for the provision of ramps.

This location was not on agreed list for Children Play Signs for 2015. However this location has been added to a request list for future consideration.
1.12 [FEB/53677] – CC Enq. No. 1078368 – Palmerstown Woods – Entrance of Palmerstown Woods impossible to cross for pedestrians, traffic lights needed. (Cllr. Francis Timmons)

The Council enhanced the crossing point at the entrance from Palmerstown Woods in 2014.  Installed warning signs and road markings on each approach from the Main Road.

While these existing arrangements are generally considered adequate, the location is currently being assessed for suitability for   the provision of speed display signage on approach from Wheatfield.

Refer to Public Realm to cut back vegetation to improve sight lines. – referred 05/03/2015

1.13 FEB/53703 Enq:  1078369 – Ninth Lock Road – The lights at the garage past the waterside towards Neilstown. Absolutely bugs the life out of me. Have been late numerous times because the traffic turning right is blocking the traffic from going straight, which blocks the rest of the road & traffic coming from the nangor road can´t turn right because of the gridlock. If the path outside the garage was halved this would solve the problem. Really really annoying & very easily fixed. (Cllr. F. Timmons).
The traffic signal sequence is operating correctly.  Any change in timings will result in increased delays especially to traffic from Neilstown.

Local widening would require major funding.

1.15 MAR/54039  Enq: 1083625  Old Nangor Road – several accidents at Old Nangor Road near CPM Club needs urgent action. I have asked Sgt. Lydon for a report on same. (Cllr. F. Timmons).
Report received from Sergeant Lydon 07/05/2015 re traffic collisions on the Old Nangor Road between 01/10/24 to 28/04/2015 Recorded on the Pulse system.
Material damage  – only 5 accidents
Non serious injury  –  2

This road was improved in 2012. The severe bend was eased and a footpath provided.

Old Nangor Road has been selected for Traffic Calming ramps in 2015. Scheme has been prepared and circulated, however, the provision of an additional 1 to 2 ramps in the vicinity of the Gael Scoil is also being considered subject to funding.

It is proposed that discussion will take place with Cllrs on the proposals ahead of the next ACM.

2. Parking Restrictions
2.3  MAY/54579 Enq: 1095993 – Riversdale Road – Enq: 1095993  –  Residents in Riversdale again point out the amount of cars parked on road can something be done ?

Later clarified as Riversdale Road , parking particularly bad at nighttime 9.00 p.m. as cars parked everywhere, hard to get in and out. (Cllr. F. Timmons). To be discussed with Councillor at Traffic Management Meeting.
2.4 SEP/51109 Enq: 1097772 Fitzmaurice Road:  –  Vehicles park on the grass verge opposite Avoca. The owners access the park mainly for sports. This is usually in the evening but also can be daytime. (Cllr. F. Timmons).  This issue was discussed at the TMM in January 2015. The recommendation was request for parking facilities within the park grounds.
(Referred to Public Realm 06/11/2014).

Reply from Parks to be forwarded to Councillors when received. 06/05/15 – no reply to date.
2.5 MAY/54881 – Enq: 1097772 Vehicles park on or blocking footpaths in Rathcoole Main Street between Tesco and the Chinese takeaway. This occurs mornings, lunchtime and later in the evenings.
Also – severe parking problems occur at school drop off and pick up times. The problems occur at all schools in the village.  (Cllr. F. Timmons). Referred parking on the footpaths to Gardai 14/05/2015.
Both schools in Rathcoole are served by extensive double yellow lines, bollards, pedestrian guard rails, school keep clear markings, on-road slow markings, caution school ahead markings and advance children crossing warning signage.

2.6 MAY/54584 – Enq: 1097772  Main Street, Rathcoole – HGV’s parking on the Village Main Street overnight to avail of an early start with access to the Naas Road. (Cllr. Francis Timmons). A residential ban on parking of HGV’s  is in place and is enforceable by the Gardai.
Refer to Gardai.
2.7 MAY/54585 – Enq:  1097772  – Kilteel Road – Traffic in front of Poitin Stil – dangerous traffic situation at the junction of Kilteel Road and Main Street leading to An Poitin Stil and Naas Road. (Cllr. Francis Timmons). Discuss with Councillor at Traffic Management Meeting – clarify dangerous situation.

Map on file.
2.8 MAY/54586 Enq: 1097772 – Rathcoole – Village – Disability Access to footpaths. (Cllr. F. Timmons). Discuss with Councillor at Traffic Management Meeting.
3. Signing and Lining
3.1 MAY/54573 Enq: 1095315 Tower Road – I would recommend road markings NO ENTRY for vehicles that exit the car park. This would be on council roads and nothing to do with the car park.
I am not sure and may be mistaking  but it looks like the council are responsible for the road around the car park and this is at the exit where cars come out and turn right in error. (Cllr. Francis Timmons). Road Maintenance have been requested to replace the “No Right Turn” sign. This measure is considered adequate.
4. Box Junctions
4.1 Enq:  1098881 – MAY/54656 Cherrywood Crescent/Nangor Road – Enq: 1098881  Yellow box at the top of Cherrywood Crescent out on to the Nangor Road please. blocked up in the mornings for the school run so from at least 8 – 9 you cant down the other road either, the one leading out to the main road opp Cherrywood Avenue. They are the only ways out of Cherrywood Crescent, It does be backed up to the roundabout at the spar complex.

Yellow box recommended at this location subject to statutory approval.

5. Traffic/Pedestrian Signals
6. Other Measures
6.2 MAY/54574 – Enq: 1095511 –Old Nangor Road – looking for this outside: Gael Scoil Chluain Dolcáin
the Pedestrian lights which were out on two occasions in the last two months. Last week they were not working from Monday until Wednesday afternoon. will these lights be fixed permenantly?
including an ILLUMINATED 30km/hr speed limit sign
1. Children crossing sign (grass verge on right side)
2. Children crossing sign with flashing light (grass verge on right side)
3. Traffic light signs (left and right)
4. 50 km/hr sign leading up to the school(left and right)
5. Illuminated 30km/hr at the school with flashing orange lights “Children crossing”.
6. Barrier fence on foot path.
7. Pedestrian lights (left and right)
8. Children crossing with flashing lights (left and right)
9. Traffic light sign (left and right)
10. Lolly pop crossing with barrier fence.
Enq: 1095535  – Cllr. F. Timmons
As an example of the deplorable, dangerous traffic situation outside Gaelscoil Chluain Dolcáin I would like to contrast it with the traffic calming measures at Drimnagh Castle school:
Travelling the Longmile Road towards the city a driver is bombarded with many cautions and warnings, including an ILLUMINATED 30km/hr speed limit sign (see photograph below). The full list of traffic calming measures at Drimnagh Castle school are listed below: (same as 1 – 10 above).
The above measures when compared with GSCD (speed limit 50km/hr, minimal signage) amount to neglect and discrimination by SDCC when dealing with GSCD. An accident is waiting to happen outside GSCD and at that stage SDCC will have a lot to account for. The footpath work that was undertaken last year, while it is a welcome and necessary addition, still leaves this entire stretch of road treacherous (Last year a driver lost control of his car and crashed into the wall at Dunne’s entrance/exit – luckily no pedestrian was hit).
Recent proof of neglect for safety outside GSCD includes the Pedestrian lights which were out on two occasions in the last two months. Last week they were not working from Monday until Wednesday afternoon. (Cllr. F. Timmons).
Enq: 1996174 Same request as above 1 – 10.
I have received a complaint from a constituent regarding the need for traffic calming measures on the Old Nangor Road including the need for appropriate signage including flashing lights and reduced speed limits during school hours for example at St. Mary´s Girls National School, Lucan, and St. Joseph´s College, Lucan, especially since there are approximately 700 children and students currently attending school at this location and most likely there will be more with the approval of a new and bigger building for Gaelscoil Chluain Dolcáin.
Gaelscoil Chluain Dolcain Concerned Parents – letter on file. (Sergeant Lydon requested that this correspondence ben brought to the attention of the Roads Department.

On 06/05/2015 the Chief Technician reported that on 15/4/2015 the lights were reported to this office as out.
The signals were repaired within 2 hours.
On 20/3/2015 the signals were out for a short period due to a local power issue.
There have been no other issues in 2015 other than a couple of lamps which were replaced.

The following measures are in place.

School Warden operates at this location for the safety of school children.

Slow School ahead road markings are in place in both directions.

School / Children Crossing signs are in place in both directions.

School Keep Clear markings are in place at the entrance.

Ample road side parking is provided.

There is a Pedestrian Crossing is close to the school.

Build out and slow markings in place at the entrance to Gaelscoil Chluain Dolcain.

The issue of speeding and illegal parking has been referred to the Gardai.

New Measures:

Old Nangor Road has been selected for Traffic Calming ramps in 2015. Scheme has been prepared and circulated, however, the provision of an additional 1 to 2 ramps in the vicinity of the Gael Scoil is also being considered subject to funding.

It is proposed that discussion will take place with Cllrs on the proposals ahead of the next ACM.

30kph: can be considered as part of the Countywide Speed Limit Review in 2015.

Note:  Signage is standard.

The sign on approach to Tower Road will be referred to Road Maintenance to reposition.