I like all the country found the recent revelations about a mass grave at Tuam very upsetting , It made me both sad and angry. It hit me with the stark reality that I was in the care of Nuns (The Sisters of Charity) I could of been one of those children that died of Malnutrition etc. and buried without dignity and respect. The Horror of Tuam is sadly only the start.

Mothers and their Children where not listened to now they need time and space to tell their story and for Ireland to Listen to their Truth.

There is 188 institutions and some will have similar graves on the grounds. The Terms of Reference of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes and Certain Related Matters must be widened to include all institutions. We need answers . we need to know why children died of Malnutrition ? why where they buried in this manner? who is responsible for this awful situation ? remember the last Magdalene Laundry only shut in 1996.

Where is the Church on this ? why have they not come on National television and explained their actions? The Catholic Church needs to explain itself and its actions.

Please remember the Mammy’s that wanted their children and the children that wanted there Mammy’s

I welcome talk of Transitional Justice by Minister Zappone and will look forward to engaging in this process. Now is the time for Truth and Justice.