*       In January 2014, residents from Oatfield and Harelawn estates in
Clondalkin became aware that South Dublin County Council were planning
to build on the “Green Space” dividing the two estates.
*       Articles published in the Clondalkin Echo and Clondalkin Gazette
Newspapers the following week confirmed that a Library was planned for
the site.
*       South Dublin County Council distributed leaflets in the area
informing residents that a six week period of Public Consultation
would begin with a Public meeting in Rowlagh Community Centre on
Tuesday 4th February.
*       Residents from the two estates that were in attendance at the
meeting got together and formed the “N.C. Library Location Action
Group” on Friday 7th February.
*       A committee was formed comprising of three people from each of the
two estates to keep the residents informed of developments.
*       Francis Timmons PC was approached to become the groups
“Spokesperson” and advise the group in the correct approach to raising
“Objections” to the construction of the library on the site, and to
develop “Submissions” to be handed to our local representatives.

so far over 340 objection letters have been collected