Update on Passport Services

Some Key points re the new online passport application system:
• The service is available to adult citizens over 18 years of age who already have a passport.
• Applicants need a digital photograph, an email address and a credit/debit card to apply online.
• The target turnaround time for online passport renewals is ten (10) working days (i.e. two weeks) plus postage (the postage time will depend on the location of the applicant).
• Applicants will have the choice of capturing photos for their applications either:
a) via their personal computers, tablets or mobile phones; or
b) by using a “Photo-Me” booth available throughout the country (please visit www.passportphoto.ie for a list of Photo-Me photo booth locations); or
c) uploading a digital photo provided by going to a photo provider (e.g. a photographer or pharmacy) who can provide a digital photo on a CD, USB or by e-mail.

In respect of all of these options, our software will confirm if the photo meets the required standards.  Applicants are advised to consult the guidelines in advance on www.dfa.ie/passportonline

• A standard passport book online costs €80.
• A large passport book online costs €110.
• A passport card costs €35.
• It is less expensive to apply for a passport book and card at the same time (€10 reduction in cost).
• Full details: www.dfa.ie/passports-citizenship/top-passport-questions/passport-fees

Other channels for passport applications:

It is essential that applicants use the correct channel when applying for a passport.

Best Practice

Application numbers are particularly high this year and applicants are reminded to check the validity of their passport before booking travel.

As a matter of best practice we recommend that applicants allow six weeks for a passport application to be processed (this allows for issues that arise from time to time to be addressed without impeding travel arrangements.  For example difficulties can arise where applications are incomplete or where photos are of insufficient quality).

Passport Express

The Passport Express channel for renewing passports through the post office network on the island of Ireland will continue to operate as normal.  The turnaround time for properly completed renewal applications is current 16 working days (one day over the advised guideline).  We are working to restore the turnaround time to 15 working days.

First time applications take longer due to additional anti-fraud measures.  Please note that at present first time applications are not eligible for online applications.

Since March 2016, adult first time applicants are required to have a Public Services Card (PSC).  First-time adult passport applicants who currently do not currently have a PSC can obtain one through a secure process of in-person registration via their local Department of Social Protection office. Details of relevant documents needed to complete the PSC registration process and an online appointment booking service are available via www.MyWelfare.ie.

The current turnaround time for first time applications through Passport Express is 25 working days.  We are working to reduce the turnaround time to 20 working days and we expect the introduction of the new online renewal service to be of benefit in this regard.

Urgent Travel

Applicants can also request to have an application expedited in the case of very urgent travel within three days.

There are a limited number of these rapid renewal appointments available in the Passport Offices in Dublin and Cork through the online system (www.passport.ie ) and they are posted at 12.30pm the day before.

Applicants are required to show proof of travel as evidence of the need to expedite the application.

A fee of €70, which is additional to the applicable fee for the issue of a passport, must be paid by the applicant.

An expedited service is not provided in first-time adult applicant cases and cannot be guaranteed where an applicant cannot produce his/her previous passport due to loss or theft.

Cases where a passport is required for travel necessitated by an emergency such as the death or illness of a family member receive the highest priority.

In line with child protection legislation, special conditions apply in respect of children’s passport applications.  For the Rapid Renewal of child applications, both parents/all legal guardians of the child must attend the appointment to submit the application at the Passport Office. Guardians must have valid photo ID.

Emergency cases

This service is applicable where urgent travel is required due to the death or serious illness of an immediate family member (parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, spouse/partner) abroad, or where immediate travel is required for emergency medical treatment abroad. An appointment is not required in this case. The person(s) travelling should present themselves as early as possible at the Passport Office with fully completed and witnessed application and photos, plus any other supporting documentation required.

In the case of bereavement or serious illness of a family member abroad, supporting documentation will be required to allow for the passport to issue. This can be a letter from the hospital, doctor or funeral director dealing with the bereavement abroad.

In the case of emergency medical treatment abroad, a letter from the attending doctor, surgeon or hospital will be required. The emergency fee is normally waived under these circumstances.

How to Track an Application

The current status of an application can be checked online, using the 11 digit application number. www.dfa.ie/passporttracking.

The applicant accessing the online tracking service will be given an estimated issue date.  Please note that while this date is as accurate as possible, it is not a service delivery guarantee.

Further changes announced today – revised fees:

The fees charged are the same as for Passport Express with a reduction of €10 for applicants who apply for a passport book and card at the same time online.

There is no change to the standard Passport Express and full statutory fees since 2013.

All children’s passports will now be valid for five years at a cost of €30 via Passport Express and may be applied for using Passport Express. The three-year passport for infants is no longer available.

The extension of the five year passport to all children who are seventeen years of age or younger is another notable development aimed at improving customer service, in this case to the parents of young children.

The standardisation of children’s passports will result in less confusion among parents about expiry dates on children’s passports and more efficiencies for the passport service.

Our passport fees continue to offer very good value for money, particularly in comparison to charges in other comparable countries.

Full details about revised Passport fees can be found be visiting www.dfa.ie/passports-citizenship/top-passport-questions/passport-fees

Other innovations to highlight:

Passport Card

The award winning Passport Card is a credit sized card which can be applied for by any adult with a valid Irish passport book (which must have more than 3 months left to run).  It can then be used as a passport by citizens travelling to 31 countries in Europe.

The Passport Card is accepted as a Passport by the following European countries:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
For more details see: https://www.dfa.ie/passportcard/
Travel Advice and Registration

Before booking a trip, prospective travellers should consult the Travel Advice of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  This is available on our website (https://www.dfa.ie/travel/travel-advice/) and via a free App TravelWise

Citizens are also reminded to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before travelling, especially if travelling to high risk destinations.  This allows our consular services to contact citizens in case or emergency.  Details are only retained for the duration of the trip abroad.    See:  https://citizensregistration.dfa.ie/

Free Passport renewal reminder service

The Passport Service offers a free email reminder service to passport holders whose passports are due for renewal and I urge colleagues to promote use of this facility where possible.  See: https://www.dfa.ie/passports-citizenship/top-passport-questions/when-should-i-apply-for-a-new-passport/

Please complete ALL of the following applicant detail fields

➢ Surname:
➢ First forename:
➢ Date of birth:
➢ Passport tracking number:
11 digit application number. Available on pages 1, 3 & 4 of the application form.
Also Available on the removable application code label on page 4 of the application form. If unavailable, please provide the following:
Place of birth:
Birth surname of mother:
Date application lodged:

➢ Method of Passport application: i.e. Passport Express, Public counter etc.
➢ Date of travel:
➢ Was proof of travel submitted with the application?
➢ Please provide the reason why the passport is required before estimated issue date:
➢ Further details if relevant:
➢ Name of the requesting member of the Oireachtas:
➢ Date:
●   I am submitting this request on behalf of the applicant, or the applicant’s legal guardian.

Passport Service Contact Details

The Passport Office Dublin is located at Knockmaun House, 42-47 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2, DO2 TN83.

Customer Service Queries

Phone: (01) 6711633 Dublin or (021) 4944700 Cork
Twitter: @PassportIRL
Web-chat is available through our website www.dfa.ie/passport

The Passport Service Dublin
Passport Office
Knockmaun House,
42-47, Lower Mount St,
Dublin 2,
DO2 TN83

Out of hours Duty Officer can be contacted in emergency situations only (i.e. medical emergency/bereavement) at the following:
Phone: (01) 4082000

This is the main contact number for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Please request the Passport Duty Officer.