Cllr Timmons says ” Its Nearly 25 years ago that the Journalist Veronica Guerin was shot dead on the Nass Road –  Veronica Guerin‘s murder led to the establishment of CAB (Criminal Assets Bureau) and a crackdown – I feel 25 years later we need to look at our drug laws , decriminalize drug use and have a real national Debate-Discussion on drugs. we have to do something , Some of Our communities are being ripped apart by drug use and the Government must respond to this issue. We must respect the memory of Veronica Guerin and to this we must relook at how we deal with the issue of drugs and drug crime.”


Cllr Timmons says ”I have also requested that South Dublin County Council clean up around the area of a memorial stone laid near where Veronica Guerin was shot dead 25 years ago . I hope pending restrictions to be able to do something to mark the anniversary of her death”