I am raging that Labour/Fine Gael misled the public about the water charges cost before the Local / European Elections The Taoiseach said at that time that it would be around €240 per annum. It now transpires that, for a household with 2 adults, the average cost will be €278 which is nearly 20% more than we were led to believe.

For a household with 4 adults the cost will be an average of €482. Even that conceals the fact that many will pay vastly more than this after 2016 when the average costs to be recouped in order to run Irish Water will rise to €594.

I hope the Public will remember this when voting in the next General Election

My email reply back to Irish Water asking for input into Irish water.

Dear Representative

The Water charge is another extra attack on people’s income, following on from the Property Tax and years of Austerity. People are finding it hard to put food on their table and keep a roof over their head. I find the payment for a basic Human need and Right objectionable.

IRISH Water cost €180 million in total to establish itself, with €80 million of that going on outside consultants, This is a National disgrace when we have so many homeless and living on the Poverty line.

You will understand I do not support or encourage water metering and a water charge.

Cllr Francis Timmons
Clondalkin Area Independent