As a a person with over 30 years experience working in the disability, Homesless and probation services, I believe I have the Knowledge and expertise of community issues that makes me a valuable asset as an elected counsellor. I grew up in Clondalkin. I went to school in Clonburris National school and then Moyle Park College. I am a founder member of Clonburris Youth Club. I was 10 years involved in various roles including secretary. I worked in Peamount Hospital in Newcastle for a number of years. I was PRO for Peamount parents and friends for a number of years, as well as having a heavy involvement in Clondalkin community council and Clondalkin Drama Group.

The reason I am running again as an independent is I feel local councillors should represent the needs of the people not the ideals of a party. I won’t be following any political party’s agenda and I won’t make empty promises. I feel that being an Independent counsellor allows me the freedom and the opportunity to try and improve the quality of life for the people of Clondalkin, Rathcoole , Baldonnel , Saggart and Newcastle.

I want a local council that will focus on a number of key issues:

1) Housing

2) Disabilities

3) Inclusion

4) Enterprise

5) Community.

6) Infrastructure

7) Webcasting

8)Climate Change

I am actively involved in Clondalkin Helping Homeless and oversee the delivery of FoodCloud to those in need and i continue to work on the ground to improve conditions for the most vulnerable in our community.

I am very proud to have brought back the Clondalkin Patricks day Parade and the Horticultural show to our community

I fully support social housing projects and believe proper planning by the local council can meet this badly needed requirement to the benefit and betterment of local community areas.

I helped campaign to make Clondalkin a fairtrade town as I feel this will benefit the area and help boost commerce and increase employment

I Advocate issues such as Suicide awareness, Equality and disability support. I believe in a community where everyone feels included and Valued.

If I get Re-elected I pledge to represent the people of Clondalkin, Rathcoole , Baldonnel , Saggart and Newcastle, raising the issues that are important to them. I will be a voice on the council for the people not a party.

‘’Here all the Time not just at Election time’’

My Name is Cllr Francis Timmons – Peace Commisioner contact 087 286 9315 website email . #votetimmons