Phone Number for CHH @ 087 919 1490

Services Clondalkin Helping Homeless Provides:

  1. Weekly FoodBank for local families / People in need in Dublin Mid-West – People call 11-1 for food, deliveries done by volunteers as needed or outside foodbank times.
  2. FoodCloud – Tesco’s give us food at sell by date food for immediate distribution and damaged goods for foodbank as they have available a few nights a week.
  3. Emergency service – Sleeping bags / Tents and supplies given as needed, we encourage them to access outreach person and services.
  4. Start Up Packs – start up basics like kettle, cups , bowls etc to people just moving to a new home awaiting a grant and anything they need
  5. CHH endeavours to provide Toys at Christmas, Easter eggs at Easter and Fruit and goodies at Halloween etc 


CHH was established in 2014 and is constantly changing to meet the changing local needs. During Covid we where one of the few groups who kept the service open.  We were recognised by the Council as front-line workers in the Echo and got a Mayor Volunteer Award for our efforts. We are registered with PPN, have a bank account with two signatures for Governance purposes and have a constitution in place.


All our services are run voluntary by volunteers and overseen by a voluntary board made up of community people!


CHH has public liability insurance that covers the services and SDCC is indemnified for €6.5m