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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice

SDCC County Development Plan

Every 6 years, a new County Development Plan is drawn up following a number of specially-dedicated, publicly-accessible meetings.  At these meetings, SDCC Management and elected Representatives consider proposals and discuss what’s needed in the area over the next number of years.  The current County Development Plan ends in 2028.  (SLO means a Strategic Local Objective)

Here are my 45 SLOs which were voted into the County Development Plan 2022-2028.  Lots of work yet to be done, but it’s a good start:

1. Rathcoole Woodlands SLO:

‘To investigate the potential for alternative land uses for the lands currently zoned RES-N (To provide for new residential communities in accordance with approved area plans) and OS (To preserve and provide for open space and recreational amenities) as identified by the SLO on the CDP land use zoning map, having regard to protecting existing habitats, Biodiversity and the Rathcoole Woodlands , the need for social and affordable housing, community infrastructure and access. Following this assessment, and where alternative land use arrangements are identified in line with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area, to bring forward proposals for re-zoning. ”

2. Tallaght Map SLO:

Objective NCBH 16 Objective 4 is ‘To support the preparation and implementation of an updated County Heritage Plan incorporating the promotion and protection of the County’s Cultural Heritage.’ To propose a project to research and produce a map of the County Town that shows the field names and farmlands in 1920 over the 2020 map of Tallaght.

3. Heritage/Pilgrim pathways SLO:

To record heritage/pilgrim pathways in South Dublin County – such as the Slí Mór (aka The Green Road, St Bridget’s Pilgrim Path, Knockmeenagh Lane) in Clondalkin village,

4. Cottages on Main Street SLO:

SLO under NCBH Policy 19 of the Plan:‘To investigate the merit of including in the Record of Protected Structures the cottages on Main Street, Clondalkin’.

5. Cuthberts park and church SLO:

NCBH 19 SLO 2 ‘To prepare a Design Plan for St Cuthbert’s Park and to make provision for St. Cuthbert’s Church’.

6. Clondalkin ACA SLO:

That this Council will carry out an assessment for an extension of the Clondalkin ACA that takes account of the Boundary walls and other Heritage, buildings and Structures.

7. Clondalkin Stone walls SLO:

SLO – That in future the remaining old stone walls of Clondalkin be protected and maintained

8. Buildings of Thomas J Byrne SLO:

That this council recognise the buildings of Thomas J Byrne (Builder) and that the council set an objective to protect the buildings he built, Many spread out throughout SDCC and are of historical importance to our history and heritage , these houses should be categorised and listed (Reference SDCC Libraries published book Nation Builder (2013)

9. Joe Williams Archive SLO:

That the County Development Plan includes an Objective clearly stating that the Joe Williams Archive will be preserved as a distinct unit and accommodated properly in Clondalkin village, and made available to local people, students and university researchers who are interested in our rich heritage, culture and history. It is necessary to keep the Joe Williams Archive together as an entity because of its unique, internal cross-referencing potentials through various media: books, photographs, slides etc.

10. Fairview Oilmills SLO:

That this council sets an objective to preserve and develop the Fairview Oil Mills at Cherrywood Crescent in Clondalkin as the remains of the mill are a good example of functional industrial architecture and are an important reminder of the industrial heritage of the Clondalkin area.

11. RIC Barracks SLO:

SLO for SDCC to investigate possible use of the old RIC Barracks on Old Nangor Road, It is a Protected Structure within the present Architectural Conservation Area (ACA).

12. Wildlife Corridor SLO:

That a SLO be put in that the current green wildlife corridor between Saggart and Rathcoole be maintained and the need to preserve this wildlife corridor be incorporated into the design and development plans for Rathcoole park.

13. Walking Trail SLO:

To develop Rathcoole Woodlands as part of a wider nature/walking trail from Saggart to Lugg Woods with due regard to the biodiversity and wildlife therein which is of primary importance.

14. Water River Beds SLO:

GI Policy 3 – Protect and enhance the natural, historical, amenity and biodiversity value of the County’s watercourses. Require the long-term management and protection of these watercourses as significant elements of the County’s and Regions Green Infrastructure Network and liaise with relevant Prescribed Bodies where appropriate.

15. Old Bawn Bridge SLO:

SLO into Policy 15, Views and Prospects which reads:To facilitate a suitable and appropriate viewing platform, sensitive to surrounding ecological network, at Old Bawn Bridge in proximity to the Council’s Nature Trail sign.

16. Utility Boxes SLO:

adopted with amendment to reflect that the provisions set out in Chapter 5 Quality Design and Healthy Placemaking are sufficient to provide for the intent of the motion. Strong design guidelines are needed to protect the residential public realms where above ground utility boxes and masts are being sought to be installed on public land, particularly in established residential areas – they need to place the residential aesthetic at the heart of the design process.

17. Local Area Plan for Clondalkin SLO:

To prepare a LAP for Clondalkin, the extent of the boundary to be defined, which will be guided by the Local Area Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities, 2013 (Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government) or any superseding guidelines and which will incorporate:

A vision for the development of Clondalkin

Wider urban design principles

Framework plans for larger infill sites

A Conservation Plan

A local Green Infrastructure strategy derived from the County GI Strategy

Transport movement study.

18. Brittas SLO

QDP 12 SLO 1: A Specific Local objective tosupport Brittas as a sustainable community and rural village of outstanding natural beauty and to prepare a planning study and study boundary for Brittas Village, in consultation with local residents, landowners and local representatives, having regard to the implications of the proposed Natural Heritage Area designations, the future protection and enhancement of the village and to development of a tourist & leisure facility to include accommodation, associated services and activities at Brittas Ponds and surrounding lands with a view to maintaining and protecting existing assets and the long-term viability of the local community. The planning and tourism study shall be prepared within 12 months of the adoption of this County Development Plan and shall include an analysis of population and housing data.

19. 9 Traditional village centres SLO:

Provisions, policies and objectives set out in Chapter 5 of the CE Draft Plan, in particular Section 5.2 Successful and Sustainable Neighbourhoods, Section 5.2.2 Context and Section 5.3.2 Healthy Placemaking are sufficient to provide for the intent of the part (i) of the motion as proposed which calls for all 9 Traditional village centres to be vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood centres.

20. village design statement for Tallaght village SLO:

(ii) Provisions, policies and objectives as currently set out under Chapter 5, Section 5.2.5 and Section 5.3, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13, Section 13.4.4 of the CE Draft Plan are sufficient to provide for the intent of the motion which is a request for a village design statement for Tallaght village, in the County Town.

21. Tallaght Village SLO:

the provisions, policies and objectives as currently set out under Chapter 5, in conjunction with the South Dublin County’s BHDG (Appendix 10) and Chapters 13, Section 13.4.2 4 are sufficient to provide for the intent of this motion. – (SLO in the County Development Plan to ensure that high quality design is deployed in all County Town projects (public and private). The design should acknowledge the historic profile of Tallaght and it’s geography. The design should not become overly monotonous and uniform rows of overly urban massed block buildings. It should be broken up by use of materials, shapes, architectural features and interest.)

22. Homeless Emergency Services SLO:

‘To facilitate and support relevant agencies in the development of emergency accommodation, including hostels for homeless individuals and families, in a balanced way located throughout the County so as to avoid an over- concentration in any particular area.’

23. Over Shops accommodation SLO:

CS4 Objective 2 seeks ‘To Promote the delivery of residential development through active land management measures and a co-ordinated planned approach to developing appropriately zoned lands at key locations, including regeneration areas, vacant sites and under-utilised areas.’ (CS4 Objective 2 seeks ‘To Promote the delivery of residential development through active land management measures and a co-ordinated planned approach to developing appropriately zoned lands at key locations, including regeneration areas, vacant sites and under-utilised areas.’)

24. Mixed Tenure SLO:

H1 Objective 14 seeks ‘Support the provision of a mix of tenure types across the County in creating suitable accommodation for all and discourage undue segregation and over proliferation of a single tenure within any local area (within a 10-minute walking distance) or Local Electoral Area, in line with the Apartment Guidelines and the provision of the Housing Strategy and Interim HNDA or any subsequent future Regional based HNDA’

25. Newcastle Cycle track SLO:

‘To investigate the feasibility and potential opportunities for a greenway linking Newcastle, Rathcoole, Hazelhatch and the Grand Canal’.

26. Transport SLO:

‘DART Expansion Programme The implementation of the DART expansion programme will provide DART+ services as far as Hazelhatch on the Kildare Line, serving the developing Adamstown SDZ lands, the Grange Castle Business Park, the established areas of Clondalkin and the Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) lands at Clonburris where a community of 23,000 population is planned.’

27. Newcastle Village SLO:

To provide Newcastle Village with community areas and space to hold community events, a Village plaza.

28. Quarryvale Family Resource Centre SLO:

a SLO to aim to facilitate a one stop site for Quarryvale Family Resource Centre

29. Community Centres SLO:

COS 3 Objective 5: ‘To support and facilitate the development of a Community Centre Strategy to include the assessment of existing community floorspace/facilities within the County, to identify gaps in provision and to ensure new community centres are provided in existing and new development areas having regard to the Social Infrastructure Audit carried out for the Development Plan’.

30. Rathcoole Park SLO:

EDE21 Objective (X):To implement signage in the County in accordance with the adopted County wide Signage Strategy (Sept 2020), to include consideration of information signage on nature and other features to be found along the rivers in the county at strategic locations

31. motion is adopted with amendment to reflect that the intent of the motion is reflected in COS 4 Objective 5, COS 4 Objective 9, COS 5 Objective 8, COS 5 Objective 22 and COS 5 Objective 2.

32. COS 4 Objective 5: To support the provision of formal and informal play areas with appropriate equipment and facilities, incorporating nature-based play opportunities across the County, ensuring that the needs of differing age groups and abilities are accommodated.

33. COS 4 Objective 9: To support and facilitate a framework for the improvement, maintenance, and enhancement of existing community-based sports facilities within the County.

34. COS 5 Objective 8: To ensure the design of parks and public open space areas is of high quality; to provide a pleasant setting, accommodate use by people of all ages and abilities, to support life-long activity, and good health and well-being by the provision of a balanced mix of active and passive recreation and access to, or view of, nature.

35. COS 5 Objective 22: To maximise the leisure and amenity resource offered by each of the County’s parks through the promotion of management plans that provide for the continued improvement of the park setting, recreational facilities and biodiversity.

36. COS 5 Objective 2: To support the implementation of South Dublin County Parks and Open Space Strategy and to ensure that the provision, upgrade, design, and maintenance of public open space is in accordance with the Strategy.

37. Rathcoole Health Centre SLO:

‘To engage with stakeholders and to investigate the possibility of providing senior accommodation on the Rathcoole Health Centre site (protected structure RPS 316), ensuring that any future development is appropriate, having full regard to the setting and integrity of the protected structure, the location of the site within the Rathcoole Architectural Conservation Area, and the amenities of adjoining housing and other land-uses’.

38. Survivors Memorial SLO:

To support and facilitate the provision of a memorial park of remembrance for all survivors of the Mother and Baby and County Institutions.

39. 3rd Level in Clondalkin SLO

motion is adopted with amendment to reflect that the intent of the motion is reflected in the following Objectives:

Policy COS 9 which states ‘Support the development and ongoing provision of higher-level education and further education in the County, and develop Tallaght as a hub for education, cross collaboration and employment to provide further opportunities for the County’s workforce.’

Policy COS 9 Objective 1 states: ‘To support the role of Higher Education Institutions and Educational Training Boards in addressing skills shortages and life-long learning needs in the County, in accordance with NPO 31 of the NPF and RPO 9.22 of the RSES.’

Chapter 9 ‘Employment’ Policy 6 seeks to ‘ Support an entrepreneurial environment to protect and enhance smart specialisations with a strong learning economy culture.

EDE6 Objective 1: ‘To support the development of skills and innovation through collaboration with the Regional Skills Fora managers, Higher Education Institutes, Education and Training Boards and local stakeholders to address skills shortages and lifelong learning challenges in the county consistent with RPO 6.25.’


That this Council make a statement of intent that South Dublin County Council is an LGBT safe and friedly county and that this is written into the Development plan

41. Slade Valley SLO:

‘To seek to protect the visual and landscape amenity of the Slade Valley and the Slade of Saggart and Crooksling Glen pNHA, support appropriate tourism and amenity related development in the context of the Slade of Saggart and Crooksling Glen pNHA and support the promotion of same as an area of amenity and natural beauty”

42. Swiftbrook Mills SLO:

That this council make a SLO to develop the tourism potential of Saggart: Swift Brook Mill in the County Development plan

43. Fairtrade SLO:

That this Council set an aim or objective to Work on South Dublin County Council as a Fairtrade County and this is put in the Development plan

44. Utility Boxes SLO:

Motion on Utiity Boxes – motion is amended to reflect that the intent of the motion is addressed by IE 5 Objective 5 of the CE Draft.

45. Monitoring and Evaluation SLO:

motion is adopted with amendments to reflect that Section 13.11 Monitoring of Chapter 13, addressed the intent of the motion. (That SDCC review and commit to greater enforcement of policies and procedures as outlined in the development plan over the course of the next plan.)

To see the full Plan click @ https://www.sdcc.ie/en/devplan2022/adopted-plan/