"I fully endorse your integrity and commitment to help society as a whole."
Louise Bayliss
" A representative who is passionate about change. You're that person!"
Sabrina Ferris
"A person of integrity in public office."
Jim Jackman (Former President of the National Parents Council PP)
"Working for the people!. Fighting for the people's rights!"
Lorraine O' Brien
"He has inspired many people first hand and nothing ever seems to stop him promoting fairness and equality!"
Shonach Hanaphy
"It is a breath of fresh air to have a man such as yourself represent the forgotten public. With your years of first hand experiences, kindness and your courage to ask the right questions to the right people."
Margaret Kerslake
"A great advocate for the people of Clondalkin."
Maria Mc Grath
"Work for the people and the people will work for you !!"
Terri O Toole
"You do great work"
Jane Marie Conlon
"Think you are a great independent voice for the people in Clondalkin."
Ann Reynolds
" A real difference in Clondalkin, He is a real genuine campaigner wanting to help & serve within his community"
Geoff & Emma keegan
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


QUESTION: Councillor F. Timmons

“That the Chief Executive gives a full and comprehensive report on all planned Part 8 for social housing for the Clondalkin area that includes how many houses and timeframe are being built? also to ask how many will be 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms? and that other Part 8’s are brought to the Clondalkin Committee as a matter of urgency?”


There are currently three social housing build projects for a total of 65 housing units under construction which will all be completed by the end of 2018.The fourth scheme at St. Cuthbert’s, Clondalkin is awaiting final budget approval from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government and it is estimated that this scheme will commence on site in July 2018 with a completion date in quarter 2 2019. The unit type breakdowns are listed below.

 Scheme No. of Units Build Type 2 bed 3 Bed 4 Bed Expected Month of Completion
Mayfield Estate 17 Traditional 0 17 0 June 2018
St Mark’s Green, Clondalkin 11 Traditional 0 11 0 August 2018
St. Cuthbert’s, Clondalkin 63 Rapid 2  55 6 2nd Quarter 2019
Letts Field, Neilstown, Clondalkin 37 Traditional 0  37  0 4th Quarter 2018
128  2  120  6

On the next tranche of proposed social housing projects there are 6 sites identified which are at early stages of feasibility. Once these sites have completed feasibility and are determined suitable for social housing developments the proposed schemes will be designed and commence the Part 8 planning process over the coming 12 months.

Electoral District Location Indicitive Numbers Current Status
Clondalkin St. Marks Avenue, Clondalkin 39 Stage 1 Approved. Project to be developed to design/planning stage
Clondalkin Oldcastle 50 Feasability being carried out
Clondalkin Eircom Site 50 Currently with the Office of Government Procurement for a Design Team
Clondalkin Riversdale, Clondalkin 15 Feasibility & Designs Being Prepared – Part 8 to be published quarter 3 2018
Clondalkin Collinstown Grove, Clondalkin (2 Sites) 12 2 Sites – to be advertised through Expression of Interest to Approved Housing Bodies quarter 3 2018

School Clothing and Footwear Allowance

The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance helps meet the cost of uniforms and footwear for children going to school.


  • You may qualify for the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance if you are:
  • Getting a social welfare payment (including Working Family Payment and Back to Work Family Dividend) or a Health Service Executive payment, or
  • Taking part in an approved employment scheme (back to work scheme) or
  • Taking part in a recognised education or training course, or
  • Involved in an Area Partnership Scheme, or
  • Attending a FET (formerly Fás), Fáilte Ireland or LES training scheme


General Information:

Application for the scheme are available from the 22 June 2018.

The closing date for applications is 30 September 2018.

The Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection is responsible for operating the scheme

Where to apply

From 22 June 2018, the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance application forms will be available from:

  • Local Intreo Centre,
  • Local Social Welfare Office, or
  • Online at www.welfare.ie


Assistance with the application:

You can get help with filling in your application form at your Intreo Centre, Social Welfare Office.


Completed application forms with supporting documentation should be returned to:

Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection

Social Welfare Services (SC&FA)

College Road


Post Code F91 T384

Telephone –  Locall:1890 66 22 44


Clondalkin Handcraft and Horticultural Show 2018

30th June in Newlands Garden Centre – Produce , Preserves and Flower arranging – Enter yours!

– on the day free flower , Hanging baskets and baking demonstrations and Magician and music and more

1st July in Aras Chronan – Art & Crafts , photography and many more Display your skills – Enter yours!

– also on the day – Face painting , balloon making , music , Beer making demonstration and more

Both guaranteed to be great family days out with something for everyone – there is over 100 categories so for an entry form please email Clondalkinshow@gmail.com or info@francistimmons.com or message me and i will post one to you.

Guest is Olympic winner Kenneth Egan on both days and also SDCC new Mayor (tbc)

I welcome public consultation on possession of illegal drugs for personal use , I had a motion agreed at SDCC in 2016 on this’ . I totally welcome this and ask people to engage @ https://health.gov.ie/consultations

I raised the motion at a 2016 meeting of the council that called for support for decriminalisation “so people will no longer be made criminals simply because of their use of a drug. People’s drug use should be dealt with as a public health issue rather than as a criminal issue.

What do you think? Have your say @ https://health.gov.ie/consultations

Mot (11) Submitted By: Councillor F. Timmons Item ID: 58032
Date Submitted: 24/04/2018 Owners: Corporate Performance and Change Management Directorate
“Nicole Fox died of suicide because of bullying, in light of this and other deaths and self-harm caused by bullying That SDCC commit to writing to Simon Harris Minister for Health and Jim Daly – Minister of State at the Department of Health with special responsibility for Mental Health and Older People to introduce a new law called Cocos Law that will legislate for bullying and online social media and phone bullying and make these crimes a criminal offence. We recognise the horror and effect bullying has on individuals and call on our legislators to act immediately to have bullying treated as a criminal matter. “

Nicole Fox Fenlon (21), from Clondalkin, Dublin, died in Tallaght Hospital on January 18, after efforts by her mother, brother and emergency medics could not revive her.

Her family have spoken out about the bullying that happened online and in person. They spoke about how those who targeted Nicole even continued to do so after knowing she made a previous attempt on her own life two years ago. Nicole, who was known affectionately by all her family as Coco, was known as a bright, intelligent, beautiful girl who just wanted to have fun with her friends.

The trouble started when Nicole was around 18 and started going out to local clubs. Bullies became jealous of her friendships and set up horrific social media pages specifically to “slag”

“Nicole showed these to Her mother. They were things like pictures of people having group sex and they would be saying the girl in the picture was her, and there were threats too,”

“They would say she was riddled with diseases. They said awful things, awful lies.”

Jackie went to the gardaí, but because Nicole was over 18 she would have had to make the complaint herself, which she didn’t want to do for fear of being called a ‘rat’ on top of everything else.

Then in May 2016, Nicole took an overdose of tablets. Her family became aware that the bullying had reached a stage where her life was in danger.

“If she was out, the bullies would knock over her drinks, burn her with cigarettes and pretend it was accident, or shove her on to the ground on the dancefloor.”

Nicole suffered from a physical condition where her joints could become easily dislocated, and any injury from a fall could be more serious as a result.

“The bullying was eating away at her confidence.

“They threatened online to put Nicole in intensive care.

Jackie said that her daughter sent her one final message before she took her own life. “The last message she sent me was ‘I love you’ with a heart after it,” she said.

The mother-of-three urged parents to talk with their children more about bullying and that parents need to know their children’s social media passwords and check their messages and history for any bullying,”

“We want to try and bring in Coco’s Law where it will be an offence to threaten someone so much that they can take their own life. We’re trying to make people accountable for their actions where they can be charged with threatening and bullying people online.

“Nicole was physically and verbally and mentally abused. The physical aspect, yes, you can put charges against them for that, it is against the law.

“But she was threatened so much on social media, threatened to be put on a life support machine which she ended up on, threatened to be beaten up… they got into group chats and they were saying everything about her.

“But that’s not enough evidence. You can say anything about anyone you want, and threaten them, but it is not enough evidence to bring a charge against them.”

It was in May 2016 when Nicole first tried to take her own life. She was brought to a mental health service but despite the attempted overdose, Jackie was told there was nothing to worry about.

I recently met with Jackie and her family.

“I support the family in calling for immediate legislation that will make bullying a criminal offence,”

“No person should have to endure this behaviour; there must be laws to protect people against the bullies

“People who use online social media to attack and bully others must face consequences for their actions.”


Town Located Title Description Cost
Clondalkin North Clondalkin from Credit Union at Neilstown to Rowlagh shopping area Christmas Lights Proposal to light up the streets for the Christmas Period for North Clondalkin Residents and visitors €20,000
Clondalkin Clondalkin Village Replacing of Christmas lights. Replacing of Christmas lights/installation of lights for Christmas period in Clondalkin Village €20,000
Clondalkin Mayfield NC Renovate the Portocabin for the Clondalkin Men Shed The Clondalkin Men Shed request a renovation of a Portcocabin at their new site in Mayfield NC 7,000
Rathcoole Rathcoole Community Centre To provide gym equipment and activities for the residents of Rathcoole and surronding areas Rathcoole Community Council propose that new gym equipment be provided to thr Rathcoole Community Centre to increase activities and use for older and younger people. 25,000
Clondalkin Electoral Area Newcastle, Rathcoole and Clondalkin Community Orchard This is an amalgamation of four separate projects, asking for tree planting and community orchards to be made available throughout the Clondalkin Electoral Area 10,000
Clondalkin Knockmitten Park Exercise machines The provision of outdoor exercise equipment in Knockmitten Park. 30,000
Clondalkin Civic Office, Clondalkin Village or in any parks across the region Outdoor Table Tennis Table To provide an outdoor table tennis table at the Civic Offices in Clondalkin or in a park in the area 20,000
Rathcoole Forest Hill Estate New Play Ground The installation of a new playground at Forest Hill Estate 60,000
Clondalkin Collinstown Park Development of Collinstown Park, North CLondalkin Provide keep fit equipment suitable for adults at Collinstown Park 30,000
Clondalkin Bawnogue Planting flowers across the Bawnogue area To create a more pleasant atmosphere in the Bawnogue area through the planting of flowers. 5,000
Clondalkin Cherrywood Bottle banks / recycling facilities To provide glass and recycling facilities in the Cherrywood area. 20,000
Clondalkin 1916 Commemorative Garden / Gairdin Comortha at Newlands Cross, Clondalkin New pavement at 1916 Commemorative Garden / Gairdin Comortha To compliment the existing 1916 Garden, this proposal requests the installation of high quality paving for the heritage site. 25,000
Clondalkin Collinstown Park Dog park at Collinstown park A combination of eight project proposals, this seeks to install a safe area for dogs to run and play within Collinstown Park 20,000
Clondalkin St.Mark’s Estate, Clondalkin A playground To provide a playground for children in St. Mark’s estate. 60,000
Clondalkin Clondalkin Village WiFi Activated Self-Guided Historical Trail of Clondalkin An amalgamation of five proposals, the WiFi activated guide could include a QR scanner, app, signage and audio tour of the Clondalkin Village Heritage Trail. 30,000
Clondalkin Collinstown Park Benches Project: – Mosaic Art project To provide for Mosaic bench projects within Collinstown Park 25,000
Rathcoole Rathcoole Community Centre Public acoustic piano for the Community Centre in Rathcoole Suggestion is to purchase an acoustic piano for the Community Centre in Rathcoole for use by Music Generation and any local person for practice. 5,000
Clondalkin Civic Offices, Clondalkin Village Solar powered bench The installation of a street bench attached to a solar panel and battery outside the Civic Office in Clondalkin that includes several phone changing points. 40,000
Clondalkin Clondalkin Irish signs for Clondalkin More Irish signs to be made installed around Clondalkin to enhance the village’s reputation for Gaeilge 3,200
Clondalkin Pope’s Lane, Clondalkin Village On street bicycle pump To provide an on-street bicycle pump at Pope’s Lane, Clondalkin to allow for cyclists maintain tyre pressure when cycling. 3,500
Clondalkin Pedestrian link between the Round Tower and Corkagh Park Clean up and improve lighting of pedestrian link between Round Tower Visitor Centre and Corkagh Park To clean up and improve the light of the pedestrian link between the Round Tower Visitor’s Centre and Corkagh Park. 40,000
Clondalkin Old Nangor Road Restoration of Old Nangor Road Water Pump Propose that the water pump on the Old Nangor Road be preserved and made into a feature in conjuction with Clondalkin Tidy Towns. 1,000
Clondalkin Newlands Cross Welcome to Clondalkin Hedge Signage Construct a “Welcome to Clondalkin” greeting at Newlands Cross. This could be a mound with the words made with shrubs, such as box hedging. 20,000
Clondalkin Clondalkin public spaces Safety study of Clondalkin’s public spaces To carry out a scoping study of Clondalkin public spaces regarding safety, including areas such as public lighting and harrassment and to carry out a public awareness campaign afterwards. 50,000

Voting is scheduled to open from 7pm to just before midnight on Sunday May 27th. Voting will be carried out online through the Have Your Say website and in venues on specific dates and times throughout the Clondalkin Electoral Area.

Those are:

Clondalkin Civic Offices – Monday, 21/05 – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Clondalkin Library – Monday, 21/05 – 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Rathcoole Community Centre – Monday, 21/05 – 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Newcastle Community Centre – Monday, 21/05 – 4.00pm to 7.00pm

Neilstown Community Centre – Monday, 21/05 – 4.00pm to 7.00pm


Online Passport Application Service

Please be advised that you can now renew your passport book or apply for a passport card online.

This service offers the convenience of an online application facility, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for adult Irish citizens at home and overseas.

Applications are processed within 10 working days with the vast majority of applications processed in 7 working days (plus postage time). It is by far the most convenient and fastest way to renew a passport.

The Passport Express facility, available through the network of post offices across the country will continue to operate for those who would prefer to renew their passport through their local post office.

Perhaps you would consider circulating this information to your constituents and local press.

For Further information visit: https://www.dfa.ie/passportonline/


Monday, April 09, 2018


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

“That SDCC support LGBT Irelands calls and campaign to end discrimination in regards to Blood donations by Gay and Bisexual men and ask that the minister introduce an evidence based system, which includes an individual risk assessment, when deciding who is able to give blood rather than having a blanket 12 month restriction for men who have sex with men and we commit to writing to the Minister for Health on this”

Press Release:

Without a doubt, the MSM Blood-Ban is one of few remaining, overtly prejudiced and undeniably homophobic public policies in Ireland. This year we celebrate 25 years since the decimalization of homosexuality in Ireland.

The lifetime ban on blood donation in Ireland for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) was lifted in January 2017.  However, MSM cannot donate blood if they have had sex in the past 12 months, ruling out many potential donors.

The reason for this is that MSM are deemed, by the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, to be at ‘high risk’ of having infections that can be transmitted through donation, such as HIV

A marketing campaign of the Irish Blood Transfusion Service recently detailed the importance of blood donation in Ireland. All over the country we saw articles of families whose loved ones were saved following blood transfusions, social media posts detailing blood types, and various other promotional materials. Undeniably, the knock-on and direct effects of blood donation are extraordinary and cannot be forgotten. Many routine procedures in healthcare require a heavy supply of blood and their practice should not be impeded upon by shortages.

There is a complete neglect for the fact that many heterosexual men, women and non-binary individuals can all contract HIV, and can do so without any contact with MSM.

There is strong debate in Ireland relative to the availability of PrEP – Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. It’s worth pointing out the hypocritical concern that the IBTS and Irish Government display as they wish to prevent HIV contraction in the general population, but refuse to provide access to MSM and other at-risk groups to those very medications that can curb HIV transfer.

We propose that everyone should be screened for high risk sexual behaviours regardless of their sexual orientation. This could be in place instead of deferring MSM from donating for one year after their last sexual encounter. The new rapid test for HIV could be applied to everyone who goes to give blood.

Considering European Union countries such as Spain and Italy have employed a risk screening procedure for everyone, it is not unrealistic that Ireland follow suit.


Safetalk – Suicide Awareness training

Cllr Timmons says ‘’We have had two very successful Safetalk training days in Balgaddy and Bawnogue so far , there is a huge issue with suicide in our area and this is one step that will help , this course could help save lives I would appeal to everyone over 18 to do this course. Education is part of the solution to an issue that has effected and devastated our area , most of us have been effected by suicide at some level , we need to keep the conversations going and get informed on what we can do to help , mental health matters and I am interested in hearing the community views on how we might begin to tackle the issues in our community , if you need help please contact a helpline or talk to a friend , family member or your GP ’’

The next Safetalk is 21st April 12-4 in Scruleen Parish center – The free course has a certificate of attendance , 30 people max in each course , it is for 3 1/2 hours one of. please email to safetalk@francistimmons.com or Text name/s to 0872869315. (Over 18s only)

Beacon of Light @ 01-4578700 ,  Pieta House @ 01-6010000 , The Samaritans @ 116 123

The Clondalkin Handcraft and Horticultural Show will be held this year during the Clondalkin Village Festival over two days – the 30th June in Newlands Garden Centre and 1st July in Áras Chrónáin

Cllr Timmons – Chairperson says ‘’ This year’s event is already shaping up to be a great community day out , we have free demonstrations on the 30th June and Music on the 1st July , To help organize and keep the event safe we need Volunteers , please contact me if you can help out at all. This event is another great chance to showcase the great talents and skills of local people in Clondalkin and the rest of South Dublin County Council , this year we are opening it up to entries from every town in South Dublin County Council district , we look forward to a great event and callout for community help to make it the best Handcraft and Horticultural Show yet’’