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Cllr Francis Timmons – Independent Voice


“I have known and worked with Councillor Francis Timmons for many years.  He is a politician that has served Local Government and the people of Clondalkin with distinction. Francis has long been associated with, and continues to champion equality rights for minorities.  He has been particularly focused on hate crimes and the corrosive effect that this is having on citizens and communities. Francis is a strong advocate for Community Development, Social and Affordable Housing Locally and Nationally. Francis has been successful in Local Government and hopefully he will get the opportunity to represent his constituents in Dáil Eireann”


Senator Victor Boyhan
''Councillor Timmons has worked tirelessly for all the communities he is involved with over the last years, introducing new initiatives in an effort to improve our communities. He is one of only a few councillors who actually delivers on his promises.he is a true blue, his word is his bond.''

Mairead Mc Breen - Lucan Resident
''I would recommend Cllr Francis Timmons for the work he does in the community. I admire the enthusiasm and commitment with which Francis serves the community. Francis is a very active Cllr in the community, he is involved in many groups.''


Fiona Guinan - Lucan Resident
''I have found Cllr Francis Timmons to be a dynamic, go getter who can be depended on to get the job done. ''


Carmel Lyons - Clondalkin Resident
''I've worked closely with Cllr Francis Timmons many times, and he always comes from a strong social justice perspective. He's extremely hard working, passionate. We need strong Independent voices like Francis in Dáil Éireann."

Senator Frances Black - Independent
“Francis is an exemplary public representative deeply embedded in his community and wider constituency. The energy that he brings to his community and voluntary work is breath-taking and humbling.A lot of what Francis does goes unseen and unreported but not unappreciated by the countless people he has helped and represented. Everything he does is framed by his long standing commitment to equality, inclusion and social justice. He truly is a politician for the people.”

Senator Gerard Craughwell
"Francis is very proactive within our community, will always follow up on your quires and mainstains clear communications at all times ''

Jakki Byrne – Cherrywood Resident
'' Outside of working hours when others are putting their feet up, Francis can be found in his car collecting and delivering food/supplies to those in need or getting his hands dirty putting in hours clearing the streets of litter. Someone willing to get down on their hands and feet to make your community a better place at their own personal cost is exactly the person you want in Dáil Éireann to not only represent you but the interests of the entire Country.”

Ian Campbell - Rathcoole Resident
I've known Francis my whole life and have witnessed first hand his courage and conviction to overcome adversity, inequality and prejudice. His previous work in the social care sector, working with families and persons with intellectual disabilities and the homeless, have provided him with genuine experience and knowledge of the struggles and realities of societies most vulnerable. He emboldens a compassion and earnest hardworking ethic to serve the public and make our society a better place. He is an honest and brave character, not afraid to challenge, question, query spending and proposition for greater accountability and resource allocation. Voting for Francis as a councillor and for the Dail, has always made me confident in his ability and hopeful for the contituency's future. And he has always exceeded my expectations. He is the exact type of person we all wish to go into politics, so go out and support him!!

Enna Darcy - Palmerstown
I have known Francis Timmons for over 10 years and  have had the pleasure of dealing with him on numerous occasions in his capacity as councillor and his wider interests in the community. He has been an invaluable source of information on both council matters and support of carers like myself. He works tirelessly to make life better for people not only in the immediate area but also believes strongly in better housing, health care and easing poverty for all. I for one will have no hesitation in voting Timmons in the up coming election.

Caroline McKiernan - st ronans