"We need a representative who is passionate about change. You're that person!"
Sabrina Ferris
"I've worked closely with Cllr Francis Timmons many times, and he always comes from a strong social justice perspective. He's extremely hard working, passionate. We need strong Independent voices like Francis in our Councils and local authorities."
Senator Frances Black - Independent
"I am glad that a person of such integrity is going forward for public office."
Jim Jackman (Former President of the National Parents Council PP)
"He has inspired many people first hand and nothing ever seems to stop him promoting fairness and equality!"
Shonach Hanaphy
"It is a breath of fresh air to have a man such as yourself represent the forgotten public. With your years of first hand experiences, kindness and your courage to ask the right questions to the right people."
Margaret Kerslake
“Francis is an exemplary public representative deeply embedded in his community and wider constituency. The energy that he brings to his community and voluntary work is breath-taking and humbling.”
Senator Gerard Craughwell
“A lot of what Francis does goes unseen and unreported but not unappreciated by the countless people he has helped and represented. Everything he does is framed by his long standing commitment to equality, inclusion and social justice. He truly is a politician for the people.”
Senator Gerard Craughwell
"Think you are a great independent voice for the people in Clondalkin."
Ann Reynolds
"Francis is very proactive within our community, will always follow up on your quires and mainstains clear communications at all times"
Jakki Byrne - Cherrywood
"if you need a voice on SDCC vote for Francis Timmons #1"
Mike Lowry - Newcastle
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Support this Christmas 2020

By Francis
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There is support out there if you need it
There is support out there if you need it
It’s been a difficult year for many, with a global pandemic shaking the world and changing everyday life for all of us.

Some people are now looking forward to Christmas, but for others this too can be a tough time of year.

Always remember though, there is support out there if you need it.


Whatever you are going through, Samaritans can help

Free phone: 116 123
24 hours a day, 365 days a year



If you or an older person you know needs support

0818 222 024



Talking makes us stronger

Free phone: 1800 66 66 66

Free text: 50101



Mental health support and advice for young people aged 12 to 25

Free phone: 1800 544729
1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday

Text CALL ME to 086 180 3880
with your preferred day and time for a call


Irish Hospice Foundation

Bereavement support line

1800 807 077
Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm


Women’s Aid

Listening. Believing. Supporting

Free phone: 1800 341 900
24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Men’s Aid Ireland

Supporting men experiencing domestic violence

01 554 3811



Support for people affected by depression

Free phone: 1800 80 48 48
Monday to Sunday 10am-10pm


Pieta House

For people at risk of suicide and self-harm

Free phone: 1800 247 247
Text HELP to 51444


Mental health support services

The HSE’s full list of support services

Coming soon Listening Service and support for Survivors

By Francis
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Coming soon Listening Service and support for Survivors of Church and State instituitional abuse – Details soon  sos

Opinion – Time for Ireland to face upto the horror of the Institutions

By Francis
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I spent the first few years of my life in Madonna House Institution I refuse to use the word home , a home is where you feal safe and have opportunities to grow, While in Madonna House I was used as part of the Vaccine Trials. I am put one of thousands of Children survivors who was mistreated in an institution.

We are told there is 57,000 survivors that are still alive, 57,000 Irish people looking for answers, Truth and Justice, both Children and their Mothers of a cruel Ireland that separated unmarried Mothers and their children. Many of us where ignored and dismissed as children when no one listened, and no one cared.

The plan by the Government to lock up files for 30 years is but another slap in the face for those who seek Truth and Justice. This legislation could see records of mother and baby institutions (homes) put beyond the reach of survivors for 30 years. This follows on from a previous plan to lock up files of survivors for 75 years , The Retention of Records Bill 2019 proposed to seal records from the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, commonly known as the Ryan report, and the Residential Institutions Redress Board in the National Archives for 75 years.

Both these do nothing to install faith that the culture of cover up has ended, as yet again Ireland try’s to sweep the past under the carpet the truth hidden again , the voice of those who were voiceless yet again silenced. The culture of control and cover up continues as the voice of survivor’s is yet again under discussion in the Dail and Seanad , the real discussion should involve truth telling and a process of healing , truth and justice that would allow survivors who want , to tell their story.

Many Survivors where abused sexually, physically, and mentally and this had life lasting effects on many.  If we are to grow as a country and a true equal community, we need to deal with the past and all the pain and hurt that so many felt and still feel.

We were hurt as Children, please don’t hurt us again, listen to those who lived through the institutions, we must never forget the Mothers who desperately wanted their Children and the Children who desperately wanted their mothers.

Clondalkin Helping Homeless and those in Need – Christmas Appeal 2020

By Francis
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Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Clondalkin Helping Homeless and those in Need has been helping those in need in our community since 2014, Prior to Every Christmas we launch a Christmas appeal , this is particularly a bigger task this year due to Covid 19 , but our Team of volunteers are committed to achieving this again this year even with the many challenges. We currently have around 120 Families that we assist weekly and others we help as needed. ‘’

There are two aspects to our Christmas appeal as follows:

  1. Food – We need non-perishable food like Beans, Tea, Coffee, Pot Noodles, Tinned Meats. Cereal, Pasta, Rice et (We ask that all food is in date and not opened)
  2. We also need New children’s toys for babies up (We ask that gifts are not wrapped in advance)

Cllr Timmons says ‘’As well as delivering the FoodCloud several nights a week, we also run a weekly FoodBank in Bawnogue Tuesdays 11-1 and Quarryvale Thursdays 11-1 with the assistance of St Vincent De Paul with the help of Quarryvale Family Resource Centre.’’

We are currently going through registration with the Charity Regulator but for now we can use the St Vincent De Paul Charity Number CHY6892

CHH Bank Details are: Sort Code – 93-35-11, Account – 39016-021, BIC – AIBKIE2D, IBAN – IE62 AIBK 9335 1139 0160 21


Letter to my Younger Yourself

By Francis
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Dear younger Francis

Today I write this letter to my younger self when I am nearly at the age of 50 , you are a lovely child with your red hair and blue eyes Born ,as every baby, is with Innocence and Joy. They took your innocence away at an early age, putting you into an institution, your eyes quickly showed fear and sadness as you learnt at a young age to survive. The wrongs done to you where many, the day they took you from your mammy you cried but no one listened. when they used your young body for vaccine trials you cried but no one listened, when you were being sexually abused in foster care you cried but no one listened. The many times you cried but no one listened, those floods of tears became your river of life.

You deserved Happiness , you where an innocent child robbed of a normal childhood , that sad neglected child is now a man and although it took a long time He now loves himself , as a child you had to survive you didn’t get the chance to love yourself. To be a child and to laugh and play like a child, your childhood memories filled with memories of the smell of urine, jam sandwiches and abuse. How I long to go back there and hold you and tell you , you are loved, you are a good child , but I can’t, the passing of time has brought many cover ups, as every year attempts to bury the past are made but you can’t and won’t forget it you live it all in your mind every day.

Despite all those that hurt you, you fought and have survived your voice is strong you are no longer that child that had no say! You are now a strong independent person!

Older Francis



By Francis
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Cllr Timmons says ‘’I would appeal to all interested to make submissions and give feedback to SDCC in relation to the Traffic Calming programme of works for 2020 , I would also welcome feedback on the suggested list’’

For your information I attach a copy of the advertisement that will appear in the Irish Independent tomorrow.  The public consultation is from 4th November to the 3rd December. Submissions can be made using the SURVEY section of the Consultation Portal http://consult.sdublincoco.ie.  Submissions can also be made by post.


Under Section 38 of the 1994 Road Traffic Act, a Road Authority may in the interest of the safety and convenience of road users provide such traffic calming measures as it considers desirable in respect of a public road in its charge. South Dublin County Council proposes to install traffic calming measures, subject to available funding at the following locations: –


PL = Public Lighting.

Note: On Bus Routes, Bus Cushions will be used, In all other locations, Standard 2.5m Ramp will be provided.


Rathfarnham/Templeogue/Firhouse/Bohernabreena Area

Ballymount Road. At Alan White Cars, Route 66, Lamartine Fireplaces. (3 locations) Bus Cushions

84, 94, 126, 144 and 160 Whitehall Road West. Bus Cushions

14 Shelton Drive

30 and 63 Shelton Park

3 and 26 Dangan Avenue

11, 47, 4, 97 and 127 Wainsfort Manor Drive

Orwell Park Avenue. At PL Column 8.

27 Silverwood Road

4 and 20 Silverwood Drive

11 and 29 Hillsbrook Avenue and PL Column 8

11 and 37 Ballyroan Heights

Palmers Park. At PL Columns 1 and 5.

12, 31 and 35a Pearse Brothers Park

Sarah Curran Avenue. At Pl Column No. 3

18, 25, 35 and 65 Barton Road West

Edmondstown Road National School. Bus Cushions At PL Columns 6, 19 and 20.

Scholarstown Road (at Woodfield Entrance). 2 No. Sets Bus Cushions.

7 and 16 Woodlawn Park Drive(Firhouse Road)

1, 15, 24, 36, 52, 109 and 137 Coolamber Park.

9 and 37 Glenvara Park.

4, 20 and 28 Hunters Lane.

18 Hunters Crescent

38 and 79 Hunters Avenue

51 Hunters Way

Whitechurch Road at the bridge adjacent to 1 Whitechurch road. – Narrowing road with build-outs


Clondalkin Area

61, 67, 25 and 8. Rathlawn, Rathcoole

3, 24 and 46 Woodford Drive

12 and 32 Knockmeenagh Road

8 Quarryfield Court, Knockmeenagh Road.

Station Road (from 9th Lock Road to Railway Bridge) PL Columns 3, 5 and 8.

15 and 30 St John’s Lawn. Reconstruction of existing Ramps to new design.

Bawnogue Road. PL Columns No’s 3, 8, 11 and 23. Bus Cushions

Clonburris Great (from Bawnogue Road to St Cuthberths Road). PL Colunmns 7, 12, 22, 27 and 31. Bus Cushions



Athgoe Road. PL(ESB) Columns 1 and 3.

Peamount Road. PL (ESB) Column 9. Bus Cushions

Main Street. PL (ESB) Columns 2, 7, 10, 25, 28, 30, 32, 38, 56, 60, 63, 66 and 69. Bus Cushions



Tallaght Area

1 Castle Road. Saggart.

Ballymount Road, Kingswood. PL Column 6.

Maplewood Road (Credit Union). PL Columns 27 and 30.

Killinarden Estate. PL Columns 153, 157, 159 and 162.

14 and 35 Dromcarra Avenue.

60, 70, 73 and 57 Tymon Crescent.

14 Mountain Park.

St Dominic’s Road. At Church. Pl Column 9..

72 and 29 Homelawn Road.

5 Homelawn Villas.

107 and 144 Homelawn Crescent and at Church.



Lucan/Palmerstown/North Clondalkin  Area

12 Moorfield Avenue.

16 Neilstown Avenue.

Neilstown Road. Pl Columns 4,6,8,10 and 12. All Bus Cushions

10 and 21 Greenfort Gardens.

10 Shancastle Park.

23 Shancastle Crescent.

Celbridge Road. (N4 to Cooldrinagh Lane) PL Columns 3, 6, 10, 14, 15 and 18. All Bus Cushions

27 Airlie Heights.

170 Kennelsfort Road Upper and one outside School and at PL Column 7 & 5 (Palmers Crescent and Cherry Orchard Industrial Estate). All Bus Cushions

Glenaulin Green. PL Column 6

Oakcourt Avenue. At PL Column 24




Submissions can be made using the SURVEY tab in South Dublin Council Council’s consultation portal.  Each proposed location is listed.  You can indicate whether you are ‘in favour’ or ‘against’ the proposed measure.  In order to achieve the best outcome for everyone, those in favour and against the measures proposed should complete the survey.  Only one submission per householdOnce works commence they cannot be reversed. Your preference on the proposed traffic ramps can be made as follows;

  • On South Dublin County Council’s Public Consultation Portal website http://consult.sdublincoco.ie under SURVEYS by midnight on 3rd December 2020.
  • In writing to the Senior Executive Officer, Roads Department, Land Use, Planning and Transportation, County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24, to be received on or before 5.00pm on 3rd  December 2020 simply stating the specific ramp locations and whether you are ‘in favour’ or ‘against’ only.   Submissions should be clearly marked “Traffic Calming Programme 2020”.

Please make your submission by one of the above methods only.  Only submissions received as set out above will be considered.  Submissions cannot be accepted in any other format or to any other postal address.

All submissions received will be considered and will form part of the Chief Executive’s report on the public consultation process which will be presented to the Council.


Solidarity with LGBT in Poland

By Francis
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’That this council shows solidarity with the LGBT Community in Poland and opposes the manner and way that Poland’s government is treating its LGBT Community by Banning Gay Marriage , Creating LGBT Free zones , locking up LGBT activists etc , We are proud that In Ireland we have come such a long way and We affirm that We are a country that promotes and advocate equality for everyone, We send solidarity to all our Polish LGBT Brothers and Sisters! We commit to write to the Polish Ambassador and our Minister for Foreign Affairs to express our Solidarity to the polish LGBT community.’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’the motion that was agreed at September council meeting affirms the huge progress we have made on equality in Ireland but calls on the Minister for Foreign affairs to act in regards to the awful manner our polish LGBT brothers and sisters are being treated in there homeland in Poland , we cannot sit back and ignore when there is inequality we need to stand up for the human rights of others, The Polish governments treatment of its LGBT Community by Banning Gay Marriage , Creating LGBT Free zones , locking up LGBT activists etc is totally unacceptable , there is no room for such discrimination in a modern world , everyone is equal and I ask that as a council we stand in solidarity with the polish LGBT community and as a country we condemn this treatment of fellow human beings, I am very disappointed with the reply’‘



The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP)

By Francis
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The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) is welcome as a starting plan, I and others consider there are a number of key elements that need to be included if the BAP is to be considered fit for purpose:

  • Plan/Roadmap for delivery with specifics and
  • measurable outcomes not just key indicators with
  • resourcing; financial support
  • Biodiversity Officer,
  • Biodiversity Forum with good representation
  • SDCC internal cross cutting group to ensure what happened to Tallaght Wetlands does not happen again and to ensure biodiversity protection is embedded in all policy and operations

There are also a number of plans and strategies that are cross cutting for biodiversity i.e. they either have a biodiversity focus or potential to impact biodiversity:

  • County Development Plan
  • Living with Trees: South Dublin County Council’s Tree Management Policy 2015-2020.
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Climate Action Plan
  • South Dublin County Council Heritage Plan 2010-2015
  • Landscape Character Assessment for South Dublin County (2015)


How are these policies and plans integrated for implementation and on the ground/operation for the protection of biodiversity in SDCC? What are the cross cutting aspects? These need to be identified in the BAP to arrive at clarity and to protect biodiversity. There needs to be a review mechanism to ensure alignment across all and progress for biodiversity and ensure all are fit for purpose. This needs to be actioned, responsibility assigned, time framed and outcome for biodiversity set.

I also consider that the Green Infrastructure Strategy (GIS) needs to be afforded a separate consultation like the Open Space Strategy (OSS) given that both are among the pivotal documents underpinning the Biodiversity Action Plan. The intention, I believe is to have the public consultation for the GIS as part of the County Development Plan (CDP). This I think undermines the importance of the GIS and serves to bury it somewhat in the CDP consultation.

I am seeking a separate consultation process for the GIS, given its importance for the BAP and for establishing the Green Infrastructure Network and as one of the main documents outlining how ecological connectivity and biodiversity corridors and hubs will be determined.

Given the Climate and Biodiversity crisis we are in I ask How will the BAP protect and enhance biodiversity in a measurable way?


Clondalkin FoodBank

By Francis
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Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Covid 19 has highlighted the need to be prepared for any emergencies , The Clondalkin Foodbank will ensure we have a stock of food available for those in need, we look forward working with St Vincent De Paul to ensure those in need get the help they need. The Foodbank will be run that people must contact the Vincent De Paul before they arrive, and the Vincent De Paul will send me a list every Monday and we will prepare a food Bag for the person on the list , Bawnogue youth and community centre have kindly donated space to have the FoodBank that will serve the Clondalkin area ’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’Since I set up Clondalkin helping Homeless in 2014 the service has evolved to assist those most in need in our community , FoodCloud services will continue as is but the Foodbank service will allow for collection of food as agreed.’’

Clondalkin Helping Homeless and those in Need is working in Partnership with St Vincent De Paul to open a new Foodbank in Bawnogue Youth and Community Centre and in Quarryvale with the help of Quarryvale Family Resource Centre. This foodbank is being operated by CHH and St Vincent De Paul. This foodbank will service the Dublin Mid West Area.

If you or anyone you know, needs to avail of this foodbank, they will need to ring the helpline on  0877618586 with their name and address. They will then be assessed by their local SVP Conference to be approved for this facility.

The foodbank will be on every Tuesday 11-1pm in the Bawnogue Youth and Community Centre and every Thurday in Quarryvale.

You must ring the Foodbank Helpline to ensure your name is on the list. Unfortunately, we cannot help anyone who has not been approved. We also ask that People bring their own bags to bring food away in.

Jamsie the Legend of Clondalkin

By Francis
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Cllr Timmons says ‘’ I was saddened to learn of the death of Jamsie Hempsey, I knew Jamsie as a neighbour for many years and as chair of the Clondalkin Patricks day committee. He was delighted that the parade returned to Clondalkin and spent weeks sorting out his costume and shining his bike for the parade , I Gave Jamsie a framed picture of his part in Clondalkin Parade in 2016 which he treasured -The Clondalkin Patricks day parade won’t be the same without him. He was a legend around Clondalkin. As a neighbour of his he will be sadly missed around Cherrywood , he was a character and you never knew what he would be wearing when he came out of his house , he was quite simply Jamsie the Legend of Clondalkin ’’

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