Time To end Hate –

By Francis
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I didn’t know Aidan Moffitt or Michael Snee but there murders  is a stark reminder that hatred and violence has not gone away , both sent shockwaves throughout the LGBT community.


I was reminded when I heard of both awful murders of the murder of Declan Flynn in Fairview Park 40 years ago; his murder caused outrage and was condemned. The murder of Declan Flynn shocked so many and paved the way for a movement of Pride.

I am reminded when looking at both these awful murders of the need for hate legislation in Ireland.

I am writing not as an elected councillor, but as a human being with the same emotions and feelings as everyone else.

I am a brother, an uncle, a husband among other titles, but above all I am a human being.
Twice I have received homophobic post and I have also had a video put on YouTube with homophobic content [targeting me].

Homophobia hurts. It affects mental health and wellbeing and should always be exposed for what it is – a vile, unnecessary and hateful action towards another human.

Sadly, in Ireland we don’t have hate legislation; we need it urgently – there is no place for homophobia, transphobia or racism in our modern Republic.

I once again call on the Government to legislate a bill that increases protection for minorities.

In the proposed Criminal Law (Hate Crime) Bill, which was drafted in 2015, tougher sentencing for individuals who carry out racist and other types of hate crimes was called for.

But the Government has yet to take action to review and introduce the Bill, leaving many minorities in Ireland feeling unprotected.

I hope the legislation will help “break the silence” on hate crime and encourage people to report racist and other hate attacks.

Ireland, unlike most other EU countries, has no hate crime legislation. I grew up in an Ireland where I saw others bullied and spat on for being gay.

I heard the cruel jokes and remarks about LGBT people; I heard the hate in people’s voices. I am sick to death of the “I’m not racist but…” line, and all other snide remarks at other people’s expense.

We need to send a clear message that racism and hate have no place here and that our society should be inclusive of all.

People should not be allowed to post vile and hurtful and spiteful trash on social media, or to post [hate-driven content] to any person without repercussions for their actions.

How dare anyone think it’s acceptable to post by letter or social media language that is vile and damaging to a human being?

That’s why we need urgent hate legislation. No person should be made to feel any less than they are.

We need to make sure the Government feels the strong pressure to protect our families, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

We need to send out a strong message that we want to live in a truly inclusive Republic which values all of our minorities and the integrity of our communities.

Let the Legacy of the awful sadness of the murder of two innocent men Aidan Moffitt or Michael Snee be the immediate introduction of Hate legislation

Surviovors journey

By Francis
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Many of us survivors are on a journey of healing and even if we can’t fully heal we try to get some peace in our brokenness, we know our truth we lived it and continue to live with it, Many live with a living bereavement , loss of childhood , loss of a child and more , many of us survived neglect , abuse ,  vaccine trials and the institutions , we were hurt and torn apart  , many of us believed that firstly no one would listen to us and secondly that no one would believe us! We need to be able to tell our truth , tell our story and try to heal. Give us the space and time to talk our truth. Listen to us!


I am a damaged and hurt person but my past does not define me , its taken me a long time to love myself , I find it hard to trust people. But I want to heal , I want to have peace in my Heart and my head.


I am not letting commission reports , bills , negativity and promises get into my head , it cant take any more false promises , I have heard so many talk for survivors and debate for us , I don’t need any report to tell me what we lived.


I have never been and never will be a victim I am a survivor, we are here today cause we are strong to have survived so much.  We are lucky so many weren’t.


I wish every Survivor that Every step on their journey be a step on the healing journey.

Solidarity with the Ukraine

By Francis
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The overpouring response to the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis from our small island of Ireland has been remarkable , Many have opened there hearts and some even there homes to people fleeing an unnecessary and unjustified war, they are fleeing there homes leaving everything behind with the hope of one day returning to rebuild a devastated country, Many have left loved ones fighting in the Ukraine for there country not knowing if they will meet again, the human cost of war is heart-breaking and devastating for so many. Europe has opened its borders in an unprecedented show of solidarity and humanity.


This war is an attack on all we hold dear such as the ideals of democracy , freedom and equality.  The many stories I have heard and Ukrainians I have met have touched me with there stories , It is beyond my comprehension to explain the whys so for now we can only help in the ways we can , the costs are high and the future may be uncertain but we must pay the cost for freedom and stand for democracy. Our world fought many battles and wars to keep hatred out and to build a world of tolerance and acceptance , I will admit the world is far from perfect but this war is a sign that peace and freedom are fragile and always worth defending, The sanctions are necessary and although they hurt us all , we need to stand up for the rights of all countries that cherish democracy and freedom.  I am reminded of this when I hear the song If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next by Manic Street Preachers, I heard them singing it at a fundraiser for the Ukraine on TV and it’s a stark reminder of what’s at stake.


We need to ensure that we keep hatred out of our hearts , homes and our community, the efforts of so many Irish for the Ukrainian appeals shows just how decent the majority of Irish People are , we step up in a time of need and even in a time when its so hard for so many with spiralling household bills and increased costs of living we stand up for people in need. I hope one day many of the Ukrainians can return to there country and rebuild it but either way you are very welcome in our country.

Clondalkin Helping Homeless – Ukraine Appeal

By Francis
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Clondalkin Helping Homeless has been helping local Families and those in need since 2014, over time the needs have changed and Clondalkin Helping Homeless has changed to meet those needs, alongside continuing to give out Sleeping bags/tents and supplies to homeless as needed , Clondalkin Helping Homeless also does a weekly foodbank , Foodcloud and appeals as needed.


On top of our weekly Foodbank , we give out Foodcloud where Over 1033 collections of Foodcloud has been given out in food that would be the equivalent of 68,913 meals or 28,977 kg of food since the Foodcloud phone app started , this has been a C02 saving of 92,726Kg. The Foodcloud currently comes from Tescos in Clondalkin and Liffey Valley and the staff in both have been very helpful to us.


Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Clondalkin Helping Homeless continues to meet the changing needs as they arise, Our current appeal is for Toiletries and long lasting food and sleeping bags for our Ukrainian appeal, our weekly foodbank has grown and the demand is increasing , we now have over 120 on our list. Many people are faced with spiralling household bills and the basic choice for some is to pay bills or eat, Obviously both are important and we aim to assist by giving food to help people in this time of struggle. I am very thankful for our volunteers who give there time and effort to Clondalkin Helping Homeless’’


Cllr Timmons says ‘’ If you would like to help the FoodBank or the Ukranian Appeal we are accepting food donation of in date , unopened and long lasting food  and other supplies in Bawnogue community centre Monday – Friday. We do not take clothes or toys unless we have put out a specific appeal’’


Cllr Timmons says ‘’ The rising inflation and increased rents and electricity – heat bills are crippling many who where already struggling ,  Any donations will help us help families in need, If you or someone you know needs help please contact us, we are specifically for the Clondalkin area only’’


Among those who support our work is the Vincent De Paul , the Vineyard church and the people of Clondalkin who have always supported Clondalkin Helping Homeless.

Report Church and State Abuse

By Francis
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I have been in touch with the Guards to state that I was used in two Vaccine trials in Madonna House and I was sexually abused in Foster Care – I would appeal to all affected in State and church care to contact @ MotherandBabyHomes@garda.ie and report any criminal wrongs done to them while in care!

Clondalkin Handcraft & Horticultural Show 2021 is going on-line

By Francis
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Cllr Timmons (Chairperson) says ‘’Sadly we cant meet in person so the only safe option is to have the show online for 2021 , We have had to cut some categories out but there is still loads for people to enter , I look forward and am hopeful that the show will return to Newlands home and Garden centre and Áras Chrónáin  in 2022. This show is an opportunity to showcase all the wonderful skills we have in South Dublin’’

Clondalkin Handcraft & Horticultural Show 2021 is going on-line

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Clondalkin Handcraft & Horticultural Show (CHHS) are hosting this year’s show online. We will be using an archive photograph of our committee from our 2019 launch as we cannot meet up to take a photograph for 2021.

For this year we will be removing categories that we will not be able to judge. Entry forms will be available online on our Facebook, Instagram pages and by emailing us on clondalkinshow@gmail.com. We hope the public get involved in this year’s online show.

To enter we will require 2 photographs of the item, 1 photograph of the item on a plain white background and 1 of the entrant holding the item. Both photographs must be clear. The photograph of the item needs to up close, so the judges can see item clearly or they will not be able to judge item.

Email your photographs to clondalkinshow@gmail.com. Our Secretary will assign a Unique Show Number (USN) to each person entering the show. The judges will be sent only the photograph of the item. The photograph of the entrant holding the item is to prove they are the creator of the entered item, this photograph will never be seen by anyone except our Secretary and will be deleted after the show.

There will be no entry fee for this year’s show. Arrangements will be made collecting or delivery of prizes. Medals and rosettes can be posted to winners.

We are accepting entries after our launch date and up until 26th June 2021. Judging will take place for the following week and winner will be announced on 4th July 2021.

We would like to thank our sponsors who have been there for us right from the start without them and the public getting involved we would not be able to run the show. Best of luck to everyone entering the Clondalkin Handcraft & Horticultural On-line Show 2021.

Veronica Guerin 25th Anniversary since savage murder

By Francis
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Cllr Timmons says ” Its Nearly 25 years ago that the Journalist Veronica Guerin was shot dead on the Nass Road –  Veronica Guerin‘s murder led to the establishment of CAB (Criminal Assets Bureau) and a crackdown – I feel 25 years later we need to look at our drug laws , decriminalize drug use and have a real national Debate-Discussion on drugs. we have to do something , Some of Our communities are being ripped apart by drug use and the Government must respond to this issue. We must respect the memory of Veronica Guerin and to this we must relook at how we deal with the issue of drugs and drug crime.”


Cllr Timmons says ”I have also requested that South Dublin County Council clean up around the area of a memorial stone laid near where Veronica Guerin was shot dead 25 years ago . I hope pending restrictions to be able to do something to mark the anniversary of her death”

Abolish Direct Provision

By Francis
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Dear Editor

Ireland’s reception system for asylum seekers is known as Direct Provision.  Under the Direct Provision system, people are accommodated across the country in communal institutional centres or former hotel style settings. The vast majority of the centres are managed on a for-profit basis by private contractors. There are many reasons to end the system there is one.

Direct Provision is intended to provide for the basic needs of people who are awaiting decisions on their applications for international protection. The system was designed as a short-term measure in the year 2000, just years after we shut institutions that wronged woman and children for Generations in Ireland, but many applicants in Direct Provision experience lengthy stays, which is associated with declining physical and mental health, self-esteem, and skills.  This system is wrong on so many levels and creates barriers to integration, contributes to poor mental and physical health and leads to social exclusion. I believe This system has contributed to a rise in racism, we are all Equal and should be treated the same. We are all entitled to the same chances and opportunities in life.

Today, there are more than 7,000 people living in Direct Provision centres across Ireland. I have been advocating for the establishment of an alternative reception system that is based on human rights principles and the best interests of the child. Our Proclamation says we cherish all the children of the Nation equally we don’t We cherish some but others are excluded and our treated differently – The 17 Motions I put down at South Dublin County Council Since 2014 for an end and to condemn the system known as direct provision and create a Human Rights based system have been supported by those of all parties and none,  Here in Clondalkin we have a Direct Provision centre I have met many people there and some have become friends , they are Irish, We are overall a very decent and compassionate people who welcome those who seek refuge from lack of freedom to be themselves members of the LGBT community , those seeking political asylum , those escaping fear of death and fear of poverty – We understand, We are open and decent society We want all of the children of the Nation to be cherished equally, After 21 years this year the Direct Provision system must be abolished and this should happen with full consultation with all in Direct Provision.


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West

A Directly elected Mayor ?

By Francis
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Dear Editor


Limerick have voted for a Directly elected Mayor , this person will get a €129,000 , 5 staff including a special advisor. Should we have one in Dublin? Local Government  has been decimated , Elected Councillors have no say in Water , Bin Collection etc What power will this Directly elected Mayor have? Will the county manager hand over some of his power? The wage is the same as Junior Ministers, we now have super junior ministers , Is it a gravy train ? I would not be in favour without a major reform of elected local Government. Local Residents will rightly ask what difference will it make to local communities.  I don’t think its going to make a difference without proper and meaningful reform.


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West

Sex Education – Facts not Fiction

By Francis
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Dear Editor


I felt the need to type this letter when I read about the  publication of a new sexual education programme developed by the Irish Bishops Conference. They have not surprisingly said that the Catholic church belief of Marriage is between  a man and woman must be part of this programme, The Vatican lately said they couldn’t bless a Same sex Marriage as it’s a sin, We voted by a popular majority that ‘’Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex’’. Ireland voted in 2015 and said yes to Love in large numbers and that was the day I became very proud to be Irish again  , this is the lesson our schools should be teaching and not what any church decides are the morals that should be taught.


I grew up in a harsh and judgemental Ireland, I want an Ireland that is fully equal and promotes and lives Equality. Our sex Educations should be based on facts. I urge the Government to intervene in this. Every child is Equal and they should be encouraged to be themselves. They need the Facts and they need support. 90% of schools are Catholic Schools and any hint that they would teach that a straight relationship is not as valid as an LGBT relationship is offensive and wrong.  A loving relationship is something to be promoted and aimed for by everyone. We should be teaching respect , tolerance and non-judgement in our schools. We should be nurturing all the children of the nation as Equals.


It’s frightening that around 4,000 LGBT+ teachers are hiding their sexual orientation because they fear for their job or promotion prospects would be harmed if their school patrons discovered their true identity, We need a state based sex education that reflects the modern republic many of us have fought for so long to achieve and that the Irish people In large majorities have voted for.


Go raibh maith agat,


Cllr Francis Timmons

Independent Dublin Mid West

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