"I fully endorse your integrity and commitment to help society as a whole."
Louise Bayliss
" A representative who is passionate about change. You're that person!"
Sabrina Ferris
"A person of integrity in public office."
Jim Jackman (Former President of the National Parents Council PP)
"Working for the people!. Fighting for the people's rights!"
Lorraine O' Brien
"He has inspired many people first hand and nothing ever seems to stop him promoting fairness and equality!"
Shonach Hanaphy
"It is a breath of fresh air to have a man such as yourself represent the forgotten public. With your years of first hand experiences, kindness and your courage to ask the right questions to the right people."
Margaret Kerslake
"A great advocate for the people of Clondalkin."
Maria Mc Grath
"Work for the people and the people will work for you !!"
Terri O Toole
"You do great work"
Jane Marie Conlon
"Think you are a great independent voice for the people in Clondalkin."
Ann Reynolds
" A real difference in Clondalkin, He is a real genuine campaigner wanting to help & serve within his community"
Geoff & Emma keegan
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Bru Chrónáin – The Round Tower, Clondalkin

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Clondalkin Village centre boasts the oldest and most entact round tower in Ireland that has survived for over a 1000 years. The Round Tower, Clondalkin – Bru Chrónáin. One Tower, 1,000 years of stories. Featuring an interpretative centre, café, gardens, and shop, located in the heart of Clondalkin village.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Visit our rich culture and heritage and our own village that has such a long and interesting history, Clondalkin is believed to have been founded by Saint Cronan Mochua as a monastic settlement on the River Camac over 1,400 years ago, We recently have a Tower Heritage centre which showcases our wonderful village and the People that have made it the town it is.’’

The Round Tower, Clondalkin has stood witness to over 1,200 years of social and cultural development of the village, from monastic to modern, Viking to Victorian. The restored Mill Cottages are home to 8 rooms in which these stories unfold through sight, sound and stunning visuals. Visit the Happy Pear café on site and enjoy a coffee and food in the terraced garden. Entrance to the Heritage centre is free and it open 8am to 8pm every day.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’Clondalkin is a great place to visit with free admission into Bru Chrónáin and after you enjoy a visit there and have some healthy food in the Happy Pear , than pick up a map at reception desk and tour some of the beautiful buildings and sites Clondalkin has to offer.’’

Places of interest include St John Church across the road from the tower that opened in 1789 and the beautiful Church of Ireland houses were built in 1879, the school house was built in 1870 , the round towers GAA founded in 1884 , Clondalkin Church 1862 , the presentation convent 1857 , St Brigid’s well , Aras Chronan 1826 , Clondalkin Library 1912 , Tully’s Castle , Mount St Joseph’s Graveyard started in 1813 , the Grand Canal , Corkagh Park , 1916 Garden , Enjoy time out in Nicos Café , East Coast Café or one of the many local Public Houses.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’ Clondalkin provides the ideal day out for all the family , Bru Chrónáin provides a focal point for the village that showcases the Tower and delves into a rich and vibrant history of the area.’’




By Francis
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Environment, Water & Climate Change Department

South Dublin County Council is now accepting applications for funding of projects which qualify as Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Initiatives. Anti-Litter and Anti-Graffiti Awareness Initiatives should seek to promote public awareness and education in relation to litter and/or graffiti. This Grant Scheme has a particular focus on voluntary initiatives by community and environmental groups, and on involving schools and young people in anti-litter and anti-graffiti awareness actions.

How to Apply
Further information and an application form can be obtained online at www.sdcc.ie  or from the Environmental Awareness Section, South Dublin County Council, County Hall, Town Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24.
Phone 01 4149000, email: envawareness@sdublincoco.ie

Applications must be made to South Dublin County Council no later than 5pm, Thursday 29th June 2017.

Late applications will not be accepted.
Web: www.sdcc.ie

Funding opportunities

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There are currently a number of funding opportunities that may be relevant to you ? T

these are the Community Facilities Scheme <http://www.sdcppn.ie/cfs/>

and the Local Agenda 21 Fund<http://www.sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pageid=939&pid=37320>.

South Dublin County Council are now accepting applications for the 2017 Anti Litter & Anti Graffiti Awareness Grant.


Further vandalism at Mount St Joseph

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I Have written to the county manager on behalf of Clondalkin Tidy Towns and the people of Clondalkin to express anger and disappointment at yet another attack on a piece of Clondalkin Heritage ,


Cllr Timmons said ‘’I am aware that this land is not in Council ownership but I have asked that you as County Manager intervene and ensure that Kealand Homes secure the site at Mount St Joseph. I have had 4 motions and a question down about Mount St Joseph it is of huge importance to many people in Clondalkin that this site is preserved and maintained for future generations. ‘’


Cllr Timmons ‘’I has asked in a motion last December that Kealand homes be asked to  Investigate the heightening of wall of Graveyard but this didn’t happen. Last night (Tuesday 6th) further Graffiti , damage to the wall and waste including a bag that says Hazardous waste where discovered at the site.  I have asked that SDCC Please respond as a matter of urgency. ‘’

Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance Scheme 2017

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Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance Scheme 2017
When will the BSCFA be paid to parents?

The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance Scheme will be paid out on  week ending 14th July 2017

If I got the BSCFA last year do I need to reapply again this year?

Previous applicants do not have to reapply and letters will issue to them within the NEXT TWO WEEKS.

What will I do if I don’t get a notification?
If you don’t get a letter you need to make a written application. The Application Form will be available from

Where Do I get an application form? 

All Department Offices
You send a text Form BTSCFA followed by your name and address to 51909
Email to BSCFA@welfare.ie
LoCAll 1890662244
Website: www.welfare.ie

Teen Space

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I am glad to see some progress on a motion i had passed at the Development plan meetings in 2015 you will see my motion below headed item:



Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Teen Space – Update on commencement of public consultation


Provision has been made to initiate a countywide consultation process on teen spaces and facilities in 2017.

This study will examine the provision of facilities for teenagers in parks and open spaces in South Dublin County; including provision of Youth Cafés where appropriate within parks and open space locations. The Community Department is involved in this study with Environment Water and Climate Change. The study will report to the Elected Members as the study is progressing.

The study will include examination of facilities in relation to:

  1. Active recreation
  2. Passive recreation

The study will also engage in consultation on the provision of facilities for teenagers in our parks and open spaces with particular focus on:

  • Teenagers
  • Facility providers
  • Relevant interest groups

The study has commenced with some background research currently underway to assess the current level of provision for this group.


Thursday, June 18, 2015


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

That a core objective of SDCC will be that youth cafes and safe meeting places for teenagers will be looked at being provided in Local Community centres and such facilities that may be unused in the evening times in an effort to provide much needed facilities for the 13-19 age group.


General policies set out throughout the County Development Plan support and facilitate the provision of recreational facilities for children of all ages at suitable locations. Policy CI1 Objective 6 specifically supports flexible and adaptable community buildings to incorporate uses such as youth programmes and youth cafes.  This motion is agreed.


It is recommended that this motion is adopted.

Clondalkin Area Bus Services

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I have organised for Dublin Bus to meet with the elected Councillors for Clondalkin area this Wednesday from feedback i have received i will be raising the following issues:

• Palmerstown Woods / Millford / Cloverhill Prison to Liffey Valley and into City Centre
• Newcastle to Bawnogue to Liffey Valley to Lucan to Blachardtown
• Balgaddy (No current service)
• A shuttle bus from Newcastle to Saggart Luas taking in Rathcoole School
• 13 Bus extra needed 7am to 740am *Increase in peak hours
• A shuttle bus between the Mill and the Red Cow Luas
• A Bus stop near the Ibis Hotel
• More 69 Busses (Review)
• Bus service Old Church – Cherrywood
• Buses between Tallaght, Clondalkin and Liffey Valley
• bus between Clondalkin and Lucan village
• bus from Clondalkin to Lucas via N4 so people can get to Maynooth by public transport ie connect to 66.
• Shuttle Bus to train station
• A relook at the 40 bus service (Review)

Mount Saint Joseph’s Cemetery – Vandalism

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I strongly condemn the Mindless vandalism to St Josephs Graveyard at the weekend sadly my motion last December was ignored when i asked that Kelland Homes be made put a higher wall around this historical site. Mount Saint Joseph’s  Cemetery is now a Protected Structure under the County Development Plan 2016-2022 and i don’t feel SDCC is doing enough to protect it.


Wednesday, December 14, 2016


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

”In regards to Mount St. Joseph Cemetery, this area committee asks that SDCC contact Kelland Homes and request that Kelland Homes

1) Investigate the heightening of wall of Graveyard – this would protect inner structure and

2) Ask Kelland Homes to put a new layer of stones in Graveyard – prior to SDCC taking the Ruins in charge.

Also to ask that SDCC Heriatge officer meet with Clondalkin Tidy Towns to advise and discuss restoration of Mount St.Joseph Cemetery”


The condition of the walls at Mount St Joseph’s Cemetery were discussed with Kelland Homes at a recent site meeting. The Developer has been requested to make good the tops of the walls and to ensure that they are suitably capped so that the structural integrity of the walls remains intact. Given that the cemetery is surrounded by an existing fence, there are no proposals to raise the height of the walls.

The Developer has recently carried out works to restrict access to the two underground copses and erected gates at both openings. Further works that have been requested include the removal of vegetation from the grounds inside the walls of the cemetery, however, the application of a new layer of stone is not something that the developer has been requested to provide. This matter can be assessed if required after the open space and cemetery have been taken in charge.

The Heritage Officer will contact the Clondalkin Tidy Towns Group to assist where possible and advises that as Mount Saint Joseph’s  Cemetery is now a Protected Structure under the County Development Plan 2016-2022, the Group will also need to liaise with the Council’s Architectural Conservation Officer with regards to any proposed works or projects they wish to undertake on the site.

New Library in North Clondalkin

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The New Library in North Clondalkin


Qu (2) Submitted By: Councillor F. Timmons Item ID: 53674
Date Submitted: 24/04/2017 Owners: Bernadette Fennell
“To ask for a full update report on the Library in North Clondalkin and to ask that updated drawing are included in the report and timescales and costs involved?”

The New Library in North Clondalkin will offer multi-functional services and events to adults, young adults and children and will bring a much needed community, recreational and educational resource to the area.

The library will issue to tender in summer 2017 with a view to commencing work on site by the end of 2017

The Library is expected to be completed on target and will be opened in early 2019.

It is envisaged that this library will open for 54.5 hours per week over six days with four late openings and open all day Friday and Saturday.

There will be 3 Individual rooms – an I.T. training room, conference room and a smaller meeting room.

The main library hall will include a children’s library (dedicated area) and an adult area. There will be a specific digital area for IT, free internet access PCs, printing facilities, multi-media stock and self-service stations. There will also be an exhibition space, study area with laptop connection points and an adult reading area.

The New Library in North Clondalkin Site Layout


Cyberbullying and children

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Monday, May 08, 2017


MOTION: Councillor F. Timmons

”In regards to Cyberbullying and children , we ask SDCC

1) That SDCC look at what can be done in Libraries in all of SDCC to combat this growing and worrying issue. To ask that a campaign be looked at to deal with this issue that poses a serious threat to many children within our area. This should include all types of Social Media.

2) That SDCC write to the Minister for Children , Minister for Justice and Minister for Education and ask that they work together to combat this serious matter with both Legislation and an Education programme in our schools and Education campaign for Parents”


1) Libraries are aware of the dangers of Cyber bullying and have safeguards in place with regard to our public internet usage and Wifi in all our libraries. Advice for parents is available on the library website http://www.southdublinlibraries.ie/our-services/childrens-zone

However, parents need to be vigilant and need to monitor the Apps and websites that their children are accessing.

To help parents the library service will organise workshops next autumn. These workshops, facilitated by Barnardos, will last one hour plus time for questions. Parents will be offered an opportunity to consider how they can increase their child’s online safety and what to do if they suspect their child is experiencing cyber-bullying.

Parents will be provided with take home information that offers the most up to date information in relation to the apps their child may be using and associated safety considerations.

2) If the Motion is passed a letter will issue to the appropriate Ministers, and when a reply is received it will be issued to the Members.

My Response

One in five Irish children has been bullied online, according to research. Recent research Of the children who experienced cyberbullying, one third also reported feelings of depression related to the abuse. Its also very concerning the rising trends of children self harming.

The research shows gross inconsistencies between parents’ reporting of child cyberbullying, as only one in ten adults said their son or daughter had been a victim of cyberbullying.

According to the research, 51% of the online bullying happens to children on Facebook; some 14% said they had been bullied on Instagram.Approximately 29% of girls said they had been bullied on Snapchat, while 16% of boys reported being harassed on this platform.

These reports are despite all three social media platforms claiming to have robust reporting procedures in place to deal with this type of behaviour.

The bullying of women is more prevalent, with one in four reporting having been body-shamed online.

The online bullying related to numerous behaviours, with one third of people saying that someone had spread lies or rumours about them on the internet.

Some 18% of respondents said an embarrassing photograph of them had been posted online and 35% reported receiving threatening text messages or emails.

Almost two thirds of Irish teenagers described cyberbullying as being worse than face-to-face bullying while just over half said it was a bigger problem than drug abuse for young people.

People were also asked how they dealt with the harassment — “unfollowing” or “unfriending” was the main action taken that victims had taken.

One article quotes a childcare worker as saying “There are a number of factors that contribute to this, ranging from short-circuited early play stages to an immersion in a virtual and online world where nothing feels real.”  “What this means is that I see a photo you post of yourself online and I comment that you look like a troll. Then I log off and go about my life and I do not pause to consider that when you log on and read what I wrote that you will have an emotional response that I am, at least in part, responsible for.”

“As a result of decreasing empathy and reflective functioning we are seeing higher incidences of online bullying and lower self-esteem in this demographic than ever before.”

I have seen some messages that parents have been able to get screen shots of including ”Go Home and Kill yourself” and ”Drink a bottle of Bleach” all very harmful messages,

I am very happy with the response and urge SDCC to play a big part in an anti-cyberbullying campaign, I have a similar motion down at the last area meeting to urge this throughout SDCC and I ask that we write to ministers for education to roll out training in the schools and the Minister for Justice for a change in laws.