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75 years since Mothers and Child scheme led by Dr Noel Browne

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2024
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This year marks 75 years since the landmark of its time scheme for Mothers and Child scheme led by Dr Noel Browne , It proposed to introduce Healthcare free to under 16 and deal with the alarming mortality rate of the time, The scheme was blasted at the time as being to Liberal and Browne was even summons to the Archbishop’s House. It was unthinkable in Mc Quaid’s Ireland who saw it as an upfront to Catholic moral teaching, It was seen as interference in the family Unit.  

Browne was with Clann na Poblachta at the time.  Browns party leader Sean MacBride demanded Browne’s resignation as a minister and Browne resigned to the than  Taoiseach John A. Costello for submission to President O’Kelly. Soon after a General Election was called. Fianna Fail eventually introduced some of the scheme all be it watered down in 1951 following the General Election of that year. Brown Left Clann na Poblachta and over the years was in Fianna Fáil , the National Progressive Democrats , the Labour Party and the Socialist Labour Party 

I am convinced that if the TDs of the time had fully accepted and stood up for the for Mother and Child scheme that so many wouldn’t of suffered so much and many lives could have been saved. Perhaps the institutions wouldn’t of had so much control over so many and the church wouldn’t have had so much control over so many.

It wasn’t until 1973 that an Unmarried Mother’s Allowance was introduced but society continued to stigmatize single parents upto the 1990s when the last of the old institutions shut.

Even in 2024 the Catholic Church still retain much control through the ownership of some hospitals and a large number of schools, 

South Dublin installed a Memorial Stone outside Peamount Hospital in memory of the Socialist who fought the battle against TB and Peamount was one of many places that helped in the fight.

, Dr Browne was the most forward radical of his time and his Legacy still lives on!


Garda crime haul

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2024
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Cllr Timmons says ” I welcome the Haul and commend the work of the Guards , i get a huge amount of calls over Scrambler/Motorbikes And Quad Bikes in particular. This is some progress”

A search operation took place by Gardaí targeting individuals involved in crime in the Clondalkin and Ballyfermot area.

The focus of the operation surrounded the unlawful use of e-bikes, scramblers and e-scooters which causes potential harm and disruption to members of the local communities.

The following was seized:

• 2 Electric Scooters

• 10 Electric Bikes

• 2 Stolen High Powered Motorbikes

• 5 Scrambler/Motorbikes

• 1 Quad Bike

• €8,800 Cash believed to be the proceeds of crime

• €36,000 Cannabis Herb

• €4800 Alprazolam Tablets

A man in his 20s was arrested and detained at a Garda station in West Dublin.



Rathcoole , Newcastle and Saggart Traffic plan update!

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2024
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Cllr Timmons says “Following my agreed motion at the County Development plan for a traffic management plan for Rathcoole , Newcastle and Saggart , the council are undertaking traffic counts and have contacted the NTA to get funding for a traffic plan to be drawn up and works coming out of such plans! Its hoped this will progress very soon! Still a way to go but its progress!’ 


Clondalkin Local Area Plan

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2024
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Cllr Timmons says “I am not supportive of the proposal as part of the Local Area Plan to just allow buses around all Clondalkin village while cars would only be able to access car parks etc! Its only proposals but at this stage i dont see this as a viable plan – looking forward to productive ideas moving forward!” 

Cllr Timmons says ” i need to clarify that the overall plan is not done up yet! – councillors will have input when the plan is done up! But a vote wont take place to June 2025 as theres a lot of work to be done on it! – the Local area plan covers many other issues as well as traffic! – at this stage its important to gather as many ideas as possible – everything is an idea at this stage! – I would ask as many as possible to fill the survey in at https://buff.ly/3wII8CG#

Cllr Timmons says ” I worked with a group of people to draw up a vision for Clondalkin document that has manu suggestions for Clondalkin , im happy to email this document that was generally supported by the 7 local councillors to any resident, the local area plan offers a chance to discuss many issues around Clondalkin Village! I am also offering to meet any resident and discuss idea”  

Cllr Timmons says ”I Spoke to planning in SDCC and was informed Following the concerns expressed at last Wednesday’s workshop in particular, SDCC will go out again to the public with more options for consideration before we publish a draft plan.  The timelines for that next (3rd) round of pre-draft public consultation will have to be decided and will depend in part on the feedback they get from the surveys and the amount of work required to prepare.”


Clondalkin Parade 2024

Posted by Francis on March 21, 2024
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Cllr Timmons says “this year was the biggest parade yet in Clondalkin with 10,000 + spectators and 1,150+ taking part from 30 groups taking part. The weather stayed good and the atmosphere was electric as the community spirit that is Clondalkin shone bright. Clondalkin is often in the news for the wrong reasons, but the parade showcased all that is good about Clondalkin , i want to thank the committee , volunteers , An Garda Síochána , South Dublin County Council , our sponsors and everyone who played a part in parade 2024 ,  onwards and upwards to parade 2025 which will be our tenth parade”

Cllr Timmons says ‘’From 3 top bands to dance groups to Karate groups to vintage cars to Clondalkin Motorcycle Club and much more , there was something for Everyone we are so proud that everyone who took part entertain the crowds and showcased our great community’’.

Cllr Timmons says ‘’ this years parade included a sensory bus and area for people with sensory needs , a wheelchair area and was fully inclusive and a real community event that was full of diversity and inclusion. I was delighted as chair to see so many taking part and so many turning up to cheer them on’’

Cllr Timmons says ‘’Everyone that took part was a winner but the grand Marshall Hannah Tyrell and the mayor Alan Edge selected the below award winners’’

And The award winners are:

Overall Winners – The Gladiators

Best Newcomer – The sky Twirlers

Most Creative – The Gladiators

Best walking group – Newlands Taekwon-do club

Best Dance Group – LD Dance school

Best Float – Áras Chrónáin 


March 2024 Council Meeting update

Posted by Francis on March 12, 2024
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At todays South Dublin County Council March Meeting I raised the following!

– I had 5 questions agreed!

– I asked the CEO re state of roads from Developments!  Used Cherrywood as an example!

– I raised the amount of potholes and the need for these to be repaired! Used the very large one on Monastery road as an example!

– I raised the 300k Have your say! I asked re projects not completed and where funds went! They committed to a review and report!

– i requested clear signage for new speed limits at Kishogue Train station!

– re Bawnogue car park , i suggested that council look at car parking in Bycc and Ace and talk to them for use for large events! I welcomed the Taking in Charge of the Car park!

– I had a motion on planning agreed without debate!


Clondalkin Fairtrade 2024

Posted by Francis on March 11, 2024
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Fairtrade Bake off 2024

Posted by Francis on March 11, 2024
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Annual Bale off at Áras Chrónáin and the annual Clondalkin Fairtrade Town Bakeoff! Well done to all! Delighted to sponsor medals and say a few words!


Trans Flag

Posted by Francis on March 11, 2024
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South Dublin County Council passes motion to fly trans flag every year

The motion will see the trans flag flown for seven days every year to commemorate International Transgender Day of Visibility.


South Dublin County Council passes motion to fly trans flag every year

South Dublin City Council has passed a motion proposed by Councillor Francis Timmons which will see the trans flag flown for International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31 every year and for 6 days after.

The motion was proposed at the end of last month and also committed to supporting the campaign to introduce hate crime legislation as a matter of urgency by writing to the Minister for Justice.

The motion stated:

“That this Council amends the Flag Policy/Protocol and include the Transgender Flag and ensure that it is flown for International Transgender Day of Visibility on 31st March every year and for 6 days after.

“We commit to writing to the Transgendered Equality Network Ireland (TENI) to show our support for the ‘Call It Out campaign‘ which is a new civil society campaign to highlight and address the harm caused by homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in Ireland.

“We also commit to writing to the Minister for Justice to enact Hate Legislation as a matter of extreme urgency.”

Following the passing of the motion, Councillor Timmons said: “I had the motion passed by South Dublin County Council elected members to amend SDCC Flag Protocol to include the trans flag to be flown every year for seven days from 31st March.

“The motion included support for the Call It Out campaign and also asked the minister to enact Hate Legislation. I am calling on all interested citizens to put in a submission to the Hate Speech Public consultation before December 13.

“It is very worrying that 77% of LGBTQ young people recently surveyed said they felt bullied in school. This is not acceptable in 2019. I also support the ‘ENOUGH’ campaign, which is an opportunity for LGBTQ communities and our allies to come together and demand an inclusive and equal society that celebrates all LGBTQ identities.

“I believe that all LGBTQ people should be free to express their gender identity and sexuality; however, they choose, without fear of discrimination or hate. We have come a long way post the decimalisation with Marriage Equality, Gender Recognition, the Child and Family relationship bill but we have a lot of work to do to ensure that no one feels hated or bullied in our new inclusive modern Republic”.

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LGBTQ+ Rainbow crosswalk in Clondalkin

Posted by Francis on March 11, 2024
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South Dublin is getting a rainbow crosswalk

Proposed by Councillor Francis Timmons, SDCC have reached an agreement to begin work on a rainbow crosswalk in South Dublin in a move to promote equality.


Split screen: Cllr Francis Timmons and Trans flag (left), rainbow crosswalk (right)

South Dublin County Council has agreed in full to commence work on a new project and symbol of equality for LGBTQ+ people; a rainbow crosswalk.

The project was proposed by Councillor Francis Timmons in a meeting on Monday, November 8, and suitable locations are now being considered by The Director of Land Use and Planning.

“I put this motion down as I feel visual reminders of LGBTQ+ community and equality are important,” Cllr Timmons, who grew up in Clondalkin, said to GCN. “I feel we are a very open council. We raise the Pride flag every year for Pride month and the Trans flag for Transgender Day of Remembrance yearly.”

“These are symbols of how far we have come as a country and send a message of acceptance and equality,” he continues. “They may not mean a lot to some but for someone struggling with their sexuality, or finding it difficult to come out, they are strong reminders of acceptance from their community. Likewise, the rainbow crosswalk can be a symbol of acceptance and equality.”

Cllr Timmons, who identifies as gay, also has a motion down for the South Dublin County Council meeting in December to call on the Department of Health to immediately review the donation of blood by GBMSM in Ireland.

“Ireland imposes harsher restrictions on gay and bi men who wish to donate blood than most other European countries,” the motion reads. “All blood donations should be based solely on individual behaviours, not gender or sexuality. We commit to sending this motion to the Minister for Health for his consideration and review.”

“I would like to send my solidarity to all members of the LGBTQ+ community,” Cllr Timmons concluded. “I would encourage everyone to live the life they are meant to live; never to be afraid to be yourself and celebrate being a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I spent a long time in the closet it’s a lonely place to be. Get involved in a campaign and use your voice to help others!”

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